How To Make Money Online

How To Win A Bet Every Time

Learn how to make money online with the software and tools at Yes it is actually possible to achieve consistent profits when betting online. The process is known as matched betting and is a tried and tested way to make money online. It’s mathematically proven to work and can be used to earn an extra income.

By following our guide to matched betting, you can expect to bring in £500 per month for an average of less than an hour of effort each day. It can be done in your spare time or even considered as a part time job. It’s accessible to students, pensioners and stay at home parents. In fact, anyone over the age of 18 can give it a go.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

Online bookmakers promote various incentives to attract new customers and keep existing players betting. In most cases, a real money bet is required to trigger the free bet or bonus associated with such promotions. Matched Bets shows you how to make money online and qualify for the bookmaker offers. The free bets and bonuses earned can then be used to generate a real cash return.

This is achieved with the help of a betting exchange. Betting exchanges differ to traditional fixed-odds betting sites in that you are betting with and against other punters. This allows users to set their own odds. As well as betting on something to win or ‘backing’ you can bet that something won’t win, which is called ‘laying’.

A lay bet allows you to take the position of a bookmaker. So if you lay £10 against Chelsea winning a football match at odds of 2/1 (3.0) and they draw or lose the game, then you will keep the £10 stake. However, if Chelsea were to win the match, you would need to pay out £20. This is known as your liability.

The ability to lay a bet allows you to cover both outcomes of an event. This means that you can place bets with bookmakers to qualify for rewards and lay against the same bet. At this point you may be down a few pence but will have a free bet or bonus to use. Repeating the process with the free bet or bonus allows you to make a profit. Because you are no longer betting with your own money, you can alter lay stakes to make a profit.

A Matched Betting Example

Here’s an example of how a standard bet £10 get £10 free bet offer might work. Let’s assume you have found a close match on a horse and the back odds are 3.50 while the Betfair lay odds are 3.55. By placing a £10 lay bet, you will have a liability of £25.50 at the exchange but this is almost all covered by the potential payout from your bookmaker bet. The two possible outcomes are shown below;

  • Horse wins; £25 profit with bookmaker – £25.50 loss at exchange = -50p
  • Horse loses; £10 loss with bookmaker + £9.50 profit at exchange (£10 – 5% commission) = -50p

So it has cost you just 50p to qualify for a £10 free bet, instead of the £10 it would have cost if you were betting in the normal way. As you are now using a free bet which is not included in any returns, a slight adjustment is needed. Let’s assume that there is a close match on a horse with bookmaker back odds of 12.00 and lay odds of 12.30 at Betfair. A lay bet of £8.98 will give you a liability of £101.47, which is again offset by the potential winnings at the bookmaker. Take a look at what could happen below;

  • Horse wins; £110 profit with bookmaker – £101.47 loss at exchange = £8.53
  • Horse loses; £0 loss with bookmaker + £8.53 profit at exchange (£8.98 – 5% commission) = £8.53

In the above matched betting example the final profit is £8.03, because you lost 50p on the qualifying bet but made £8.53 with the free bet. So now you know how to make money online.

Matched Betting Made Easy

Here at, matched betting is made easy with our user guides. These are tailor made for each specific offer. It saves you the hassle of reading any fine print and allows you to tackle each promotion in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. You will be taken through each offer from start to finish and shown how to achieve the best results.

Our odds matching software takes the hassle out of finding suitable bets. It detects and orders bets by suitability. The oddsmatcher is built into our offer guides and there is also a custom version which you can manipulate by adjusting various filters, such as sport or event start time. It also features real-time updates, with odds movements being refreshed almost instantaneously.

When you identify a suitable bet on the oddsmatcher, clicking or tapping it will open up our matched betting calculator. The data fields will be automatically populated with the relevant information and the calculator will advise your lay stake accordingly. It has nine different modes, saving you from any complicated working out in almost any situation. There are advanced features too and it will alert you of any price changes, which can be implemented with a single click.

Once you have placed your bookmaker bet and exchange lay bet, you can save it with our integrated tracking tool. This is a real time-saver and negates the use of spreadsheets to keep tabs on your earnings. All of your bets are saved to your dashboard, where you can set results. This will then update your running profit total, which is displayed in your user area.

We are here to show you how to make money online, with support every step of the way. Our customer service team is on hand seven days a week, contactable via email and in our support forum. You can also use live chat for any account related issues. We are dedicated to helping you make money through matched betting.

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