How To Make £40 Cash From The Ladbrokes £50 Free Bet

How To Make £40 Cash From The Ladbrokes £50 Free Bet

One of the most appealing matched betting offers is the Ladbrokes £50 Free Bet for new customers. It’s super-easy to claim and can significantly boost your takings. You will need a betting bank of roughly £500 to make the most of the offer. It’s also recommended that you have a good understanding of matched betting before taking the plunge.

How To Profit From The Ladbrokes £50 Free Bet

The first thing that you need to do is open an account. Just signup with the bookie and ensure that the promo code ‘F50’ is entered on the registration form. Then you need to deposit £50 using a debit card. You will also need a betting exchange with sufficient funds to lay off your qualifying bet and free bet.

We give a conservative estimate of £35 profit for this offer but it’s easy enough to better this figure and make around £40 by picking the right bets. The first bet must be at odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater. We will lay this bet off using the Matched Bets calculator to work out an ideal lay stake. By seeking a match of 95% or better, the qualifying loss will be £2.50 at the most.

Once the free bet is credited, we’re ready to make a profit. By changing the settings on the matched betting calculator, we can work out the required lay stake to do this. Normally the advice is to try and retain around 80% of the free bet but going for 85% or better is worthwhile given the size of the free bet. This will give a cash return of at least £42.50, so once we deduct the qualifying loss, our final profit is £40.

Full offer instructions for the Ladbrokes £50 Free Bet are included with premium membership. Our clear and concise guides walk you through the process of completing over fifty signup offers and countless reloads. The premium content also includes our bespoke matched betting calculator and other money making tools. Scroll down to see the current pricing plan or take the 14 day trial for just £1.



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