How to do matched betting

Matched betting

Matched betting may appear complicated to the uninitiated but it’s really quite straight forward thanks to special matched betting tools and clear instructions.

Before reading how to do matched betting, set aside any concerns about gambling. Matched betting is a technique that removes the gambling element from betting to make guaranteed profits from betting offers. This is done by using betting exchanges in conjunction with bookmakers to cover all outcomes of a bet.

Online bookmakers will give free bets to new customers for opening an account and placing a real money bet. Using matched betting, free bets can be earned for next to nothing and converted into cash profits using a clever mathematical formula.

The good news for anyone considering matched betting is that here at, we have everything you need to make the process easy. We aggregate all the sign up offers and daily offers available to bookmakers’ existing customers, provide step by step guides explaining how to make money from each offer using the Odds Matcher and integrated matched betting calculator.

Watch this two minute video to see how to find a suitable bet and work out the stakes, it’s as simple as making a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your mobile screen.

The basics of matched betting is to place a bet with a bookmaker which qualifies for a free bet. Find a bet with the same odds on the betting exchange as offered with the bookmaker, place the bet with the bookmaker and back it to lose on the betting exchange. Regardless of the result you’ll earn your free bet for the small commission charged on the exchange. Using a similar process, the free bet can be converted into a guaranteed profit which will be the same no matter if the selection wins or loses. explains how to open a betting account and use betting exchanges with easy to follow guides. There’s no need to have previous betting experience or to have a maths degree, anyone eligible to open a betting account can make money from matched betting.

Stay at home parents, the retired, students and many others are matched betting in their spare time to boost regular income or as a means to fund treats like holidays in exotic destinations. £500+ per month is easily achievable for just a few hours each week and it’s flexible enough to work around family life, studies and even regular employment.

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