How To Bet On Live Sport Events

How To Bet On Live Sport Events

Over the last two decades, the sports betting industry has undergone drastic changes, and for the better. While several things have remained the same, the industry is almost unrecognizable compared to how it was in the 90s. Thanks to the internet, sports punters can now bet on different games from the comfort of their homes without visiting a betting shop. Even better, you can bet on live games, giving you an upper hand over the bookies.

Live Betting Explained

Live/in-play betting simply means betting on games as they are being played. Similar to traditional sports betting, the bookmaker offers different odds on several markets, and you have to choose the most likely outcome that you think will happen. The odds keep changing, but the bookie will pay you according to the odds indicated during your wagering time. However, you’ll lose your stake if your prediction is wrong.

Unlike the traditional pre-match betting that most punters are familiar with, in-play betting has additional types of bets on offer especially when you bet on soccer online. Some of these markets include:

More Ways To Win

When betting on a major bookie like Betway, in-play punters can wager on the player to score the next goal in a match. You can also wager on the time that the next goal will be scored, or the team to get the next corner in a soccer match. All these markets will be available if you choose to bet on Betway gaming on the go, though you can expect to find a wider variety depending on the sport you’re betting on.

In tennis, for example, you can bet on the next player to break serve or who will win the set. Cricket punters can wager on the bowler to take the next wicket or the number of runs to be scored in the next over, to mention a few. There are lots of opportunities to win when betting on live matches.

Some Live Betting Tips

Similar to pre-match betting, all you need to do to place a live bet is to choose an outcome on the game you want and select your wager. However, winning a live bet isn’t as easy as choosing any outcome you see being offered by the bookmaker. Here are a few tips to increase your success chances with in-play betting.

Begin With A Pre-Match Bet

Most experienced in-play punters like to begin their betting adventure with a pre-match bet as their starting point. That ensures that you’ve done your pre-game research and are in a solid-state of mind before you start enjoying the game’s action. This step is not mandatory when betting, but it gives lots of options ahead of the game.

Watch The Whole Game

If you want to be successful with live betting, you must watch the entire game. Watching the game will not only help you note changes in the gameplay, but you can also catch something small that may give you an edge over the bookies. 

Know Your Limits

With the fast-paced nature of in-play betting, it’s easy for punters to get carried away when things are not going your way. That’s why it’s important to keep track of the amount of cash you’ve wagered, especially when you have several in-play bets running. The best way to do that is to determine the amount of money that you bet in every game and avoid chasing losses.

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