How to Become a VIP Client in an Online Casino

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Everyone gets jealous of those people who are treated specially during festivals or concerts. These very important persons have a better view of the performance and will be given other exceptional treatment than other fans. This is the same case for those VIPs in online casinos. Most players crave for this position since it comes with better limits, enhanced customer care, more bonuses and promotion offers, and many more benefits. The player will consistently get gifts as an appreciation of their devotion to the casino. However, most players do not know how they can become a part of the loyalty program or the perks of being one. If you are among those gamblers who are asking how to get a VIP status, then read on. 

The Benefits of Being a VIP Client

The perks of being a VIP differentiates from one online casino to the other. Some offer more to their loyal customers while others may reward just a few of them. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you become a big shot in a casino. 

Only Events

VIP players will often receive direct invites to exclusive tournaments or games, where the prizes are bigger and more attractive. Moreover, an online casino may host tournaments where only their VIP players are eligible. You will always receive a notification for a special event earlier before it happens. 

Enormous and Better Bonuses

It is only fair for the player to receive better offers bearing in mind that they are spending much more than the common players. That is why loyalty programs usually offer their clients better and juicer bonuses than commoners. For instance, while a regular player in the casino is offered a deposit bonus of 100% to €100, a VIP customer might be given the same offer but of €1,000. So the VIPs will receive huge deals even in the no deposit bonus.

Better Customer Service

One big advantage of being a special customer of an online casino is that you will receive enhanced services everywhere including those at the customer helpdesk. Most casinos will divide this care differently from their common clients. VIPs queries and issues will be solved earlier, and they will also get responses faster than the standard customer who will have to wait for a while.

Moreover, you cannot compare the services between the two. These most valuable players will receive a different number of contacts from the ones used with the rest. So you will not wait for long on hold to get help.

Free Gifts

Who does not like gifts especially if you are the one picking the one you like? This is exactly what you will get when you are a VIP in some casinos. You will regularly receive presents of all kinds and sometimes get an opportunity to choose one for yourself. Some gifts may vary from casinos but you are likely to receive electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, or other premium devices. There might also be a voucher for deluxe holiday destinations or tickets to your favourite concerts. 

Faster Withdrawals

The first rule in any gambling website when it comes to cashouts is that you will have to wait depending on the banking method you are using. However, this is not the case for the precious clients of the casino. Their withdrawals and confirmations will take less time than for normal clients. VIPs usually play with big cash and will want to withdraw big amounts. But they do not like waiting to receive their money. Therefore, many casinos will give their transactions priority and process them in a short time possible. 

How to Become a VIP Client

Now that you are familiar with the rewards of the VIPs in an online casino, it is time to know how to become one. 

The first step to being a very important client is to play more games and deposit bigger cash. The more frequent you play in a casino, the better chances of the site noticing you. Keep in mind that you cannot just deposit a big amount and become a VIP instantly. Being a member of this program will take some time, effort, and extra energy. 

Once the casino recognizes your regular activities, they will contact you to know if you might be interested in their programs. Sometimes the program can be awarded automatically and at other times, you might go unnoticed. If you think you deserve to be part of this group, you can just contact customer support, and they will get back to you. 


VIP players in a casino will always receive ultimate gambling experience all thanks to the extra and bigger offers. However, know there is always a catch in such programs, it is vital to first check on the terms, and conditions of the resource before you sign in as a VIP player. 

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