How To Be An Online Bookie In The UK (Without The Legal Fees!)

bookie legal fees

Becoming an online bookie in the UK might seem incredibly difficult to accomplish. Because the UK allows online betting, many bookies who wish to start a site in the UK might worry about legal fees involved.

Those online bookies shouldn’t worry. Becoming an online bookie in the UK is easy. Check out a method that should help anyone that wishes to become an online bookie in the United Kingdom.

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission offers two licenses. The first license is an operating license. The second is a personal management license.

You don’t need the personal management license because you’re operating a remote business. You can consider acquiring a remote operating license. But, you won’t need to do that.

Before explaining why, this is the deal with the UK:  if you offer betting services to British citizens living in the UK, you will need a remote operating license.

If, though, you’re running your business from outside of the UK and all your equipment isn’t anywhere in the UK, you might not need a license.

Partner with a Fantastic PayPerHead Company

This is how to become an online bookie in the UK without having to spend money on legal fees. All you must do is partner with a reputable pay per head organization.

Pay per head organizations provide all the software you’ll need to run your own successful online sportsbook. Technically, you don’t own any of the software.

You pay a fee to utilize the pay per head company’s software. The real reason to sign up with a great per head company has nothing to do with legal fees.

It has everything to do with the per head tools that the company offers.

Check out a list of specific tools that online bookies can access once they sign-up with a per head company:

  • Line mover (offered through’s premium plan)
  • Layoff account (offered through most pay per head companies)
  • Mass editing tool (save time and money)
  • Override tool (set schedule override limits)

For sports bettors, most per head company betting interfaces are designed with sports bettors in mind.

Plus, right now, is offering their premium plan, their Prime Package, for half the price to UK bookies. That means new agents will get access to the tools listed above, and more, for 50% off.

That makes signing up with a company like PayPerHead a no-brainer.

Find out more about becoming a bookmaker by checking out this guide.



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