How the Bookie Betting System Works & How It Generates Profit


Perhaps the greatest advance in online sportsbook betting has been the advent of pay per head companies.

Pay per head companies take what’s called the bookie betting system and hands it over to individual online bookies.

This has transformed the way that bettors and bookies conduct business. See below for information on the bookie betting system and how it generates profit.

Then, keep reading for why pay per head companies have forever changed the online sports betting industry.

What is the Bookie Betting System?

The bookie betting system is a fancy name for online bookmakers. There is no real bookie betting system. It’s simply a way to say that betting in Vegas or through a neighbourhood bookie is no longer necessary.

Online sportsbooks allow for self-service betting. That’s really what the bookie betting system is.

It’s a self-service betting system where bettors decide how much, when, and on what sports they wish to wager. There is no middle person in the bookie betting system.

How Does it Generate Profit?

The bookie betting system, online sportsbooks to be more clear, make money simply because they allow bettors the freedom to decide when and on what to wager.

The when part is huge. Online sportsbooks with excellent interfaces mustn’t worry as much about bettors calling into the online sportsbook to make wagers.

When bettors can wager on their own, through great interfaces, online sportsbooks mustn’t pay for as many bet takers as they had to in the past. That’s a great thing for online sportsbooks.

It might not be a great thing for individual online bookies. In fact, up until pay per head companies like, online sportsbooks pretty much signalled the eventual end of the neighbourhood bookmaker.

How Per Head Companies Saved the Neighbourhood Bookie

Pay per head companies saved the neighbourhood bookie by allowing bookies to offer their clients the same advantages that online sportsbooks offered their clients.

Most sports bettors prefer to work with individual bookies. Many decided not to because of the ease in which they could place wagers through an online sportsbook.

Pay per head companies offer interfaces as robust, if not more so, than online sportsbooks. This allowed neighbourhood bookies to go to their current and past clients and say:

“Hey, I can now offer you the same great betting interfaces that online sportsbooks do. Not only that, but you know me. You can call me. You can email me. You can check in with me. You don’t know the online sportsbooks.”

The bottom line is that the bookie betting system, if you wish to call it that, became powerful after pay per head companies got involved.

That’s a good thing for sports bettors. It’s a pain to deal with behemoth companies no matter the industry.

Pay per head companies allow sports bettors to maintain their relationship with their current, or past, neighbourhood bookie, and allow bookies to stay competitive in a digital world.

Partner With A Pay Per Head Company

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