How Sport Has Affected Online Casinos

How Sport Has Affected Online Casinos

Sports and online gambling have gone hand-in-hand for decades now and the relationship is hardly surprising. In the past it was easy to see why the number of men far outweighed the amount of women participating in online casino games; since the adverts for these companies not only appeared at half time in games of football through adverts but were also peppered all around the match.

The relationship nowadays is bigger than ever with the majority of Premier League teams in England having some kind of partnership with a bookmaker. While this, in theory, was suggested as only reaching an increased number of sports bettors, it has undoubtedly seen these gamblers also transition into casinos. But how do sports team do this?

Sponsorship Deals

Like we mentioned, a betting company sponsors the majority of Premier League clubs. Whether that is a shirt sponsor, on their advertising boarding’s or whether like Manchester United, they have an official betting partner. There is a good reason for companies putting a lot of money into the advertisements; since they make double this back in returns through customers. Last season it was found that 60% of the clubs in the top two divisions in England have shirt sponsorships with betting companies; including 17 of the 24 clubs in the Championship.

The first time this happened was in 2002 when Betfair Casino brought the sponsorship rights to become Fulham’s shirt sponsors. Since then it has gone into a new stratosphere with Everton and Manchester United being sponsored by SportPesa and Bwin in deals with £75 million and £24 million respectively.

Player Power

Every football fan across the world would resonate with an individual player more than most and casinos have tapped into this effectively. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a familiar face to most people across the globe having spent time playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world like Juventus, AC Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United. He is hot property for casinos.

BetHard tapped into this popularity by paying him $10 million to become the face of their advertising campaign. He was their face on all the adverts that they broadcast, and they made an abundance of new members in his home country of Sweden. Meanwhile, PokerStars also noticed this trend and enlisted the help of global megastars such as Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. The company even released a unique game called ZOOM Poker in relation to Bolt’s career.

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Linking back to the sponsorships that clubs have; you will find that should you be a fan of a specific team and then opt to join the company that they have a partnership you will receive a more generous welcome offer than most. This can come in the form of extra spins and higher matched deposits.

Either way, it gives the punter every opportunity to go further with their money; so why would they pick to join a different online casino? They wouldn’t.  

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