How Slot Offers Can Complement Matched Betting

How Slot Offers Can Complement Matched Betting

When it comes to making money online, matched betting is one of the most lucrative options available. It’s easy to get involved with, doesn’t require much capital to get started, and can provide a long-term source of tax-free earnings. It’s even been covered by major news outlets such as The Guardian as a legitimate way for people to earn some extra cash.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a term used to describe the method of converting free bets into withdrawable cash. It’s a simple process – the user covers all potential outcomes of a bet to guarantee a win.

People often wonder why bookmakers are keen to offer free bets if people are going to come along and guarantee profit in this way. In short, it’s all about competition. Bookmakers are competing for custom and look to entice new users to their platforms by giving them incentives – free bets.

What Are the Problems with Matched Betting?

Matched betting doesn’t have many downfalls. As we’ve already covered, it’s tax-free in the United Kingdom because all profits are considered to be gambling winnings.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of things to consider when trying to maximise the potential of matched betting:

1.       Gubbings – Although bookmakers are happy to hand out free bets, they would prefer it if you were betting with your own money. After all, the betting industry is a business that aims to make big money. As such, bookmakers tend to ‘gub’ accounts that have received lots of free bets. What this means is that you’ll be able to bet with your own money but will no longer receive free bets.

2.       Seasons – Thankfully, there are plenty of sports that can be used for matched betting. However, it is nevertheless the case that certain parts of the year are more lucrative than others. For example, bookmakers will provide lots of free bets during major football competitions or on big horse racings days. During the off-season, it can be a little less fruitful.

How Do Slot Offers Complement Matched Betting?

When people think of slot offers and casinos, they’ll often have a preconceived notion of how a casino works. Most of the time, people will use phrases like ‘it’s rigged’ and ‘the house always wins’.

Is this really the case? Well, yes. But probably not how you’d imagined.

Simply put, the casino doesn’t have to rig anything because the odds are always in their favour. Yes, some gamblers will win in single instances, but the casino’s advantage will always provide them with profit in the long-term.

Every time you play a game in a casino or find yourself playing slots online, you’re at the mercy of something known as RTP (Return To Player). RTP shows you the amount of money paid back to players over a huge amount of games. In single instances, some players will win, and some players will lose, but the RTP always evens out in the end.

An example of an online slot RTP is 95%. This means that for every £1 that’s put into the slot, the players will receive 95p (95% of £1) back in the long-term. Therefore, the casino knows that it will earn 5p (5% of £1) on every £1 played. They can’t lose – this is the house edge.

Where it gets interesting is when casinos offer bonuses to players like bookmakers do with sports. Instead of free bets, it’s usually along the lines of free spins or money back if you lose. These incentives give the players an advantage over the casino. In the long-term, slot offers will always show a profit for the players because the house no longer has the edge.

Slot offers are simply another way to add profit to your matched betting bankroll. They provide a consistent source of money-making opportunities and don’t rely so much on seasonal competitions like sports do. Ultimately, if you’re skipping slot offers, you’re allowing easy cash to get away. 

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