How Popular is Esports Betting in 2021?

How Popular is Esports Betting in 2021

Due to the recent pandemic, the sports industry has seen a significant decline in the betting area. Due to the cancellation of several tournaments and leagues, people could not bet on the actual sport. 

But humans never cease to amaze and grab new opportunities. Because of the lack of opportunity to bet in real sports, gamers found another way into Esports betting. One of the most popular betting areas in Esports is CSGO and you can find some of the best CSGO betting sites currently in the market. . The site gives you detailed information about each and every betting site in the market. 

What is Esports?

The world of gamers online has gained immense popularity in lockdown, and with the streaming sessions of the games, gamers who used to play for fun have become the stars of the gaming world. 

Esports is like a world of video games in which gamers from different regions and areas compete together in online games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Dota, League of Legends, and much more. 

Esports it’s just like real sports. The only difference is that players do not get out on the field to compete with each other. 

These games have a full-fledged audience and fans of the competitors. Various streaming services allow people to watch their favorite players playing LIVE. 

Craze Behind Esports Betting

In the time of pandemic and lockdown, Esports gained a lot of popularity when everything was halted. 

Millions of people worldwide watch sports, and interestingly people have also started to bet on these games. 

Many people might think that betting on Esports is much more secure than betting on real sports. But that is not the case. 

Even though Esports betting has picked up the pace in recent years, it existed earlier as well. As per the reports, in 2019, Esports had a total prize pool award of 235 million USD. 

Nobody has thought that this much price would be engaged in the digital gaming world. However, in 2021, the betting on Esports trend is on heat, and it is expected that this year’s number will be better than the previous years. 

It is expected that in 2021 along with the promised Esports events that were supposed to happen last year, new leagues and tournaments will be launched that will give an immense boost to the Esports market. 

As per the statistics, it is believed that 2021 is going to be the best year for Esports punters. 

Numerous Esports events are coming up that will give fantastic betting opportunities for the people. 

Let’s take a look! 

Esports Betting Opportunities in 2021

Dota Pro Circuit

Dota falls under the category of the two biggest MOBA esports. The second game is a league of legends. Previously Dota had to see a decline in viewership. However, with the new Dota tournaments, the year looks promising for Dota fans. 


Another betting opportunity that people will get in 2021 is in LoL regional championships. As per the reports, LCS has made some significant changes in the tournament that will excite the viewers. Moreover, the prize for the winner is $150,000. 

CSGO Tournaments

CSGO has many esports tournaments lined up for 2021, including BLAST Premier, Major Championship, and ESL Pro League. 

The tournament has a massive price of around one million dollars which is enough motivator for the gamers. 

PUBG Global Invitational

Another betting opportunity for the people is the PUBG mobile Global Championship. We all know the popularity of PUBG since its launch, and in a pandemic, the game’s fandom grew immensely.

Thousands of top gamers of PUBG will participate in the game in around 32 teams. So it is going to be a fantastic tournament for the PUBG and betting lovers. 

Summing Up

Esports have for sure come with an excellent opportunity for people to bet on online sports considering the increasing popularity of video games worldwide. 

The popularity of Esports in 2021 will be massive because of the variety of championships and tournaments that will take place this year. 

With various championships, there will be multiple opportunities for the people to play with their money on the games. Remember it leads to both Losing and Winning!

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