How matched betting can save a student!

save a student

We’ve all been there. Scraping the bottom of the barrel of the student loan in order to try and get one more drink for the Friday night booze-up. Except there was always that one housemate who never seemed to batter an eyelid when it came to nights out. That person could be you.

Matched betting can save you, the student. It can stop the meal deals and cold nights without any heating. All you have to do is follow these steps to making sure university doesn’t put you out of pocket, and matched betting puts you in profit.

Matched betting is a risk-free guarantee of making money off the bookies. No catch, no hidden fees, no risk.

Following these steps will give you a perfect starting point to making back what you owe, whether it’s doing so before a lecture, seminar or even pre-drinks! Matched betting can save a student hundreds of pounds for just 20 minutes of your time.

To understand how to utilise matched betting, it is best to know exactly what is matched betting. There’s no point getting involved in something if you’re not fully aware of what it is. To maximise your profits, you must know exactly what you are dealing with. Matched betting uses a gluttony of free bets put on by the bookies to get you sign up with them. These usually revolve around an offer like Ladbrokes’ bet £50 and get a £50 free bet.

Choose one of these offers and sign up for them, as well as signing up with a betting exchange account known as Betfair. Here you can place what is known as a lay bet, which goes against what you have bet at the bookmakers. If you bet on Novak Djokovic to beat Andy Murray, you would then lay your bet that Djokovic would not beat Murray.

By finding the best odds across bookmakers, you can start to make a profit and pay off your student loan. If Ladbrokes has odds of Djokovic to win at 2.00 and it is a close as possible to Betfair’s odds of 2.02, you would then bet all your deposited £50.

Using a betting calculator, you would then work out how much is needed to lay bet with Betfair. You would need to bet £50.76. Overall, you would lose just £1.78, but have your £50 free bet!

With this free bet, as you prepare to knuckle down ahead of your exams, you would then pick another event like the one above. For this example, we take Nadal to beat Raonic with odds of 5.00. You would then back the bookies 5.00 on Nadal to win as well as the same odds with Betfair. Then use the betting calculator to work out how much to lay bet. Make sure it is stake not returned as most bookies do not return the stake. The calculator shows that you need to lay £40.4. Regardless of the result, your returns are £38.40. Enough to get a round of drinks for your friends without a second thought.

Now who thought university was hard, eh?



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