How extra qualifying loss can help matched betting profits

maximising profits

Matched betting is all about making money from betting and gambling promotions so it’s important to ensure you are allowed to take part.

The key to maximising profits from an individual offer is to keep the qualifying cost low and extracting the most cash from the free bet with close matches, odds with match ratings near 100%. However, this may not be the best strategy for making money over a longer term.

One of the problems encountered by matched bettors is when bookmakers start applying restrictions, or ‘gubbing’, their account. This can happen if the bookmaker identifies the account as unprofitable. It could be for a number of reasons such as consistently getting the top industry price for selections, receiving a high proportion of free bets and bonuses or simply being identified as matched betting.

Anyone trying to squeeze the maximum profit from an offer runs the risk of being flagged as potentially unprofitable business for the bookie. The nature of matched betting means the odds matching software will identify the best value odds on the bookmaker’s website and certainly those occasions when the bookmaker is offering the best odds in the market.

There’s nothing a bookmaker hates more than being caught out of line with its odds and there are none better placed to take advantage than matched bettors using odds comparison software. Similarly, since many offers are loss leaders, making the maximum use of every one will flag the account as unprofitable.

Taking the value, as it’s known, and excessive use of bonuses will lead to accounts receiving a high risk rating which will eventually lead to account restrictions. This could be imposed as limits on stakes, exclusion from promotions or even closure of accounts in extreme cases.

Developing a more natural betting profile will help the account slip under the bookmakers risk management software but it means giving a little back. This can be done by resisting the temptation to take the best odds match and looking for matches with a lower rating.

A 100% rated match is almost certain to be due to the bookmaker having an industry leading price while a match at around 90% will mean better odds are on offer with other firms. This could cost an extra £1 when placing a £10 qualifying bet but the payback comes with prolonged life of the account.

Other ways to avoid being ‘gubbed’ are to bet more than the maximum required for a free bet. For instance, BetVictor is renowned for being quick to restrict customers suspected of matched betting and betting exactly £10 to get the £30 free bet on offer will immediately raise suspicions. Deposit and bet £20 on a 95% matched will only cost an extra £1 and Victor won’t mind so much that you’re getting a freebie.

It pays to appear like an ordinary punter and placing bets, matched on exchanges of course, on selections and high profile events that don’t qualify for offers will help achieve such a profile.



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