How Do Online Bookies Protect Profits in The 2018 FIFA World Cup?

World Cup

The biggest sporting event this year is the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Online bookie agents have already set their sportsbooks for the huge action that should come from World Cup betting.

Check out what agents have done to prepare for the gargantuan sporting event.

2018 FIFA World Cup Odds:

Here are the latest odds on nations to win the 2018 World Cup. For a full list, check out this link.

  • Germany 9/2
  • Brazil 5/1
  • France 6/1
  • Spain 7/1
  • Argentina 8/1
  • Belgium 12/1
  • England 16/1
  • Portugal 25/1
  • Columbia 25/1
  • Uruguay 33/1

Defending champion Germany appears set to take home another World Cup. Why not?

Germany won the World Cup in Brazil 4 years ago. Why couldn’t they take home the World Cup in Russia?

Pay per head agent, no doubt, will have max betting limits on the Germans at 9/2 to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Max betting limits will also be in place on Brazil, France, Spain, and Argentina. As crazy as it sounds, only 8 different nations have ever won the World Cup: Uruguay, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, France, England, and Germany.

Some agents might allow as much money to be wagered on any team not named Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, France, England, and Germany.

Italy didn’t make the field, which is sort of crazy.

FIFA World Cup—Group Betting

I’ve only listed the favorites.

  • Group A – Uruguay 1/1
  • Group B – Spain 10/17
  • Group C – France 2/7
  • Group D – Argentina 10/13
  • Group E – Brazil 1/4
  • Group F – Germany 10/33
  • Group G – Belgium 5/6

If an upset happens, it should happen in Group A, Group D, or Group G. The second choice in Group A is Russia at 13/10. The Russians have a real shot of winning Group A

Historically, the host nation has done well in World Cup Group Stage play. No doubt, most online bookies have set max betting limits on Russia at 13/10.

The Russians have a real shot of beating Uruguay.

Group D’s second choice is Croatia at 2/1. Like the max betting limits on Russia, it’s hard to envision online bookies not setting max betting limits on Croatia at 2/1.

The Croatians field a competitive team in every World Cup. Not only that, but Argentina’s squad doesn’t project to be as solid in the 2018 World Cup as it was in the 2014 World Cup.

England is the squad that can project to take down favored Belgium in Group F. Although England often blows it in World Cup play, this year’s English team could be well-suited to break that trend.

The English are young. The youngsters don’t know they’re supposed to fail.

Online bookie agents will have set max betting limits on the English to win Group G.

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