Hidden Offer: Ladbrokes Racing Club

Ladbrokes Bookmakers

Online bookmaker Ladbrokes is running a betting offer that is not visible to the general public. Ladbrokes Racing Club is an ‘invite-only’ promotion that can be used to make money matched betting. If you have a Ladbrokes account, then we recommend that you check your emails to see if you are eligible. If you have not been invited, then you will not be able to make use of this offer.

What Is Ladbrokes Racing Club?

Ladbrokes Racing Club entitles eligible members to a pair of £5 free bets for meeting the qualifying criteria. To take part, simply bet £30 or more on horse racing betting online between 00:01 Monday – 23:59 Thursday. As long as the qualifying bet has minimum odds of 1/2 (1.5), then you will qualify for the free bets.

If you bet within the terms, then you will receive one £5 free bet on Saturday and one £5 free bet on Sunday.  The free bets must be used in full before 23:59 Sunday, or they will be removed from your account. Any returns from a winning bet with the free bet vouchers will not include the stake.

Matched Betting With Ladbrokes Racing Club

This promotion lends itself nicely to matched betting, which is a proven way to make money online. It works by using close matches between bookmaker odds and exchange lay prices to take advantage of betting offers. A lay bet is to bet that something will not win, so you can cover both outcomes to qualify for the free bets, then repeat the process to extract a cash profit.

Here we will use Ladbrokes Racing Club to illustrate how matched betting works on betting sites for horse racing. Let’s assume that you have used our bespoke oddsmatcher software to find a close match on a horse. The Ladbrokes odds are Evens (2.00) and the Betfair lay odds are 2.05. With a £30 back bet, our matched betting calculator will recommend a lay bet of £30, giving two possible outcomes;

  • Horse wins; £30 profit at bookmaker – £31.50 loss at Betfair = -£1.50
  • Horse loses; £30 loss at bookmaker + £28.50 profit at Betfair (£30 – 5% commission) = -£1.50

As you can see, no matter what happens once these bets are placed, you will make a small qualifying loss of £1.50. However, you will then have two £5 free bets to use, which can be used to make a real money profit. It’s important to remember that the stake is not returned on free bets. Let’s say you have found a horse with 8/1 (9.00) back odds and a 9.50 lay price. By placing a £5 free bet to back and a £4.23 lay bet on Betfair, the following two outcomes are possible;

  • Horse wins; £40 profit at bookmaker – £35.96 loss at Betfair = £4.04
  • Horse loses; £0 profit/loss at bookmaker + £4.02 profit at Betfair (£4.23 – 5% commission) = -£1.50

Our above example is in line with the target free bet retention of 80%. This is the amount that we hope to keep from a standard free bet when matched betting. If we deduct our £1.50 qualifying loss from the expected profit of £8 from both free bets, the Ladbrokes Racing Club has a value of around £6.50.

If played every week, that equates to over £300 per year and you may even be able to use a Ladbrokes Odds Boost to further reduce qualifying losses. It’s just one example of a great matched betting offer and there are hundreds more to exploit. If you are interested in earning a tax-free income, then scroll down to review our latest pricing plan and take a 14 day trial for just £1.



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