Guide To Casino Bonuses in 2021

Guide To Casino Bonuses in 2021

2021 is upon us which gives us 12 months of matched betting offers ahead to look forward to.

Matched betting has been a profitable activity for many years and although the number and type of offers change, there will always be opportunity to generate a profit. 

This article will take a look at casino bonuses in 2021 and show you how you can profit from them.

Types Of Casino Bonuses in 2021

All of the main types of casino offers remain in 2021 and we’ll no doubt see some new ones emerge.

Some of the most common types of casino offers we’ll see throughout the year are:

Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are the most common type of casino offer and are offered to both new and existing customers at the vast majority of online casinos.

A casino bonus can often come with wagering requirements which are worth keeping in mind. The lower the wagering requirement, the better. For example, if you received a £5 casino bonus with x1 wagering, it means that you only need to wager £5 of the bonus in order to convert it to cash. If the wagering requirement was x30, it would mean that you would have to wager £150 which increases the chance of busting out without a profit significantly.

Free Spins

Slots are the most popular type of game at online casinos and so it’s no surprise to see so many free spin offers about. 

Free spins can have great value but it’s important to calculate the EV before wagering to ensure that it is positive. If it is negative then it means that the odds are in the casinos favour and that the offer should be avoided.

Free spin offers are available on a daily basis and you’ll find all of the ones which have value listed on the calendar in the members area.

Live Casino Bonuses

One type of casino offer which we saw increasingly more throughout 2020 were live casino bonuses. Live casino games have been around for a few years now but some game providers such as Playtech and Evolution Gaming released a number of new ‘game show’ type games during 2020. These games have proved to be extremely popular with punters due to their exciting nature and the chances of winning huge multipliers.

It’s likely that we’ll see even more live casino offers be released throughout 2021.

Can You Still Make Money From Casino Offers in 2021?

Absolutely! There are dozens of casino offers available every day and a good number of them have a positive expected value meaning that the odds of making a profit from them in the long term are in your favour. It’s just a case of finding these offers and only playing the ones which are +EV.

That is where comes in as our team scours the web every day to bring you the latest and best casino bonuses available.

If you haven’t started matched betting yet, 2021 is a great time to do so. Learn more about matched betting and how to generate a profit from bookmaker and casino offers by joining hundreds of others as a member of MatchedBets.

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