Get Triple The Profits With 35% Credit Cash Back In Your Sportsbook


Handicappers and pro-sports bettors are tired of handing out that 10% juice. They’re putting their handicapping skills to work by starting their own sportsbook.

The online gaming business is a multi-billion industry, with the UK market revenue at £13.8bn in 2016.

With that kind of cash being spent-who wouldn’t want a piece of it? helps handicappers and pro-sports bettors become individual bookies with their white-labelled sportsbook management software.

They’re certain their agents will succeed, so they’re offering triple profits for those who sign up for the Prime Package.

How Do Online Bookies Collect Triple The Profits?

There are three opportunities to collect cash credited back to your sportsbook account.

  1. Sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package and get 25% credit cash back on your initial deposit.
  2. Make your initial deposit within the first 24hrs and add another 5% on your deposit.
  3. If your initial deposit is done with cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin) you’ll have an extra 5% credited cash back.

Triple the cash back opportunities by keeping your cash in your sportsbook account and hit the ground running.

What Does PayPerHead Offer Agents?

  • Analyze weekly balances with in-depth reports on sub-agents or players. Agents can choose the information they need from 15+ types of reports to run their sportsbooks on their own terms.
  • Get the BetAlert whenever someone puts down money through an app, email, or even SMS.
  • Schedule Limit Overrides let you set scheduled circle limits on a sport, period, or even a profile until odds come out.
  • Handicappers are use to specific sportsbook lines, PayPerHead allows agents to follow the popular books they’re comfortable with.
  • Create Settle Alerts that will remind you when to collect or pay a player before the limit is reached.
  • Injury Information Reports: These reports help online bookies understand where their pro players are going to put their money.
  • Entice casual bettors with the TV Listing tool. They like to watch the game when they put money on, so promoting those broadcasted to them will create more opportunities for week-by-week action.
  • The Line Mover: Pay per head agents should never refund bets! That’s where the Line Mover comes in. Move the line a half-point and protect your vig.

Start your own sportsbook business today and become your own boss.

PayPerHead allows their agents to have control over their business while providing premium customer service 24/7, 365 days per year.

Stop thinking about becoming an online bookie agent and start your own sportsbook today with PayPerHead’s Triple the Credit Cash Back deal happening right now.

By Matchedbets Experts


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