Gala Spins – £10 CASH when you wager £20

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The majority of matched bettors start and often stick to sports offers. Typical matched betting offers can be offers such as ‘Bet £10 and get a £10 free bet’ or ‘Bet £5 and get a £5 free bet if it loses’. You’re able to lock in a profit from these offers and know how much profit you will make regardless of the result before your bet has even settled.

However, another way to generate a profit is from casino offers. The majority of the time, casino offers do carry some risk. However, if you carefully select which offers to do, you will end up in profit over time. To do this you need to do +EV offers. EV stands for ‘Expected Value’ and offers with a positive expected value are worth doing as you, the player, has the advantage. Although you have the advantage over the casino, it doesn’t mean that you will make a profit every time you do a +EV offer. It just means that if you did that offer an infinite amount of times, you would be in profit. Just like if you walked into a casino and placed a £10 bet on red – you could double your money and walk out. However, if you kept betting on red you would eventually be down as the casino has the edge with ‘green zero’.

There are an endless number of casino offers available at popular online casinos such as Thrills Casino and William Hill Casino to name a couple. One casino offer which has a positive EV which we are showing you today is from Gala Spins and offers players £10 in cash when £20 is wagered on Slingo Rainbow Riches. It’s a simple offer to do and has an Expected Value of £9.

Gala Spins – Wager £20 & Get £10 CASH

Casino: GalaSpins

Offer: Wager £20 on Slingo Rainbow Riches & receive £10 cash.

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How to complete the offer

There’s not much to this offer and no complicated or misleading terms & conditions which makes it a great offer for both experienced players and newbies.


  1. Deposit £20
  2. Wager £20 on Slingo Rainbow Riches – Using minimum stakes. This will reduce the risk of you losing while you complete the wagering.
  3. Receive £10 cash in your account within 24 hours

That’s it! Simply wager £20 on Slingo Rainbow Riches and you’ll be credited with £10 cash. Providing you don’t lose £10 or more whilst wagering £20, you will be in profit. The RTP (Return to Player) of Slingo Rainbow Riches is 95% which means it pays out 95% of the funds staked. Therefore, on average, you can expect to lose £1 for every £20 wagered.

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Key Terms: Over 18’s only. Available from 17/08/2018-31/12/2018. New & Existing customers eligible. Deposit & spend a min of £20 on Slingo Rainbow Riches. £10 cash credited by 6pm the following day. T&C’s apply.

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