Four Sports Give Matched Betting Odds Finder The Edge

Four Sports Give Matched Betting Odds Finder The Edge

The Odds Matcher is an innovative tool which helps matched bettors find close matches between the odds on selected bookmaker websites and those on four different betting exchanges.

Currently, we list 39 bookmakers on the matched betting odds finder and are always looking for further additions. The amount of time and effort this saves our members cannot be underestimated. Finding your own match can take a while on occasion and when matched betting, time is money. The less time you spend on an individual offer, the more offers you can get through.

As well as the large array of bookmakers, the four exchanges listed are; Betfair Exchange, Smarkets, Betdaq and Matchbook. Thus, you are able to compare the odds for each offer in order to find which betting exchange will offer you the best match.

Tennis and Golf Introduced

A huge selling point of the tool is that there are now four different sports to choose from. Originally, Football and Horse Racing markets were listed allowing our members to find matches on these markets. Since then, we have worked extremely hard to increase this and have now included Tennis and Golf markets too.

This is important as the more options available, the more often you’ll be able to find close matches. When this happens, you’ll be able to keep qualifying losses lower and profits higher!

Our filter options are also extensive, meaning you can find the exact bet you want in seconds. When using the Odds Matcher, you can filter by; Bookmakers, Exchanges, Sports, Markets, Odds, Ratin, Event Name, Competition Name, Amount Available to Lay and the Time the Event Starts.

As a Premium member, you will be able to benefit from the full Odds Matcher. You can try MatchedBets Premium for 14 days for just £1.



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