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Trading shares isn’t something the average person does. You need to have in-depth knowledge of the entity you are trading to stand a good chance of making a profit and if you don’t, there’s a good chance you could lose money. One thing a lot of people do have knowledge in is football and now, provides users with a different take on trading and allows you to trade shares in real-life football players for real money.

Launching in 2015, Football Index has become a popular place for football enthusiasts to test their knowledge of the game by buying and selling shares in players. Many of the users on Football Index are casual traders who enjoy the thrill of buying shares in players and monitoring the performance of those players with the hope of their value increasing. However, real money is traded on Football Index making it even more exciting and a way for football fans to generate potentially large profits.

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How does Football Index work?

Let’s take a look at how Football Index works and some Football Index tips to help you get on your way.

Creating an account with Football Index is free and once you’re registered you can start trading immediately. There are a couple of different ways to generate a profit on Football Index with the main being buying and selling shares in players.

The general idea is to buy shares, or ‘futures’ as they’re also called on Football Index, in players, hold them and then sell at a later date for a profit once the price of the shares have increased.

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If you try it and decide you don’t like it, Football Index will refund any losses up to £500 in cash!

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*New customers only. Min. deposit £10. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/05/20 until 31/05/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply*. Please gamble responsibly.

What makes a players value go up or down?

The value of a player is determined by how many other traders have bought shares in them. If a lot of people are buying shares in Lukaku, then his share prices will increase. However, if Lukaku is injured or is not getting games, traders will be more likely to sell their shares and so his price will go down.

Obviously, you can’t predict which players will get injured but your football knowledge and insights do play a big part in being a successful trader on Football Index. For example, if you know about a young player who you think is about to break into the first team and make an impact, it may be a good idea to buy shares in him early before he does so as his value is likely to increase.

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Earning Dividends for Additional Profit

Another way to make money through Football Index is via dividends. Dividends are paid to every trader who holds shares in the players who top the rankings list at midnight of every day. There are two rankings lists and dividends are paid on both of them.

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Media Rankings

The first rankings list is the Media rankings. This is a list of players who have featured the most in the media on a given day. The list is populated and rankings determined based on media coverage across 25 UK football news publishers including the Daily Express, The Independent and Football365. The more a player gets mentioned across these sites, the higher up the Media Rankings they climb.

At midnight of every day, all traders who hold shares in the players who top the rankings chart will receive dividends. The value of dividends vary on a daily basis and are available to view on the Football Index website. The value of a dividend is given for every share that a trader holds. So, if Lukaku tops the Media Rankings on a given day and the dividend is £0.8 and you hold 200 shares in Lukaku, you will receive 200 x £0.08 = £16.

Again, it’s tough to predict which players will top the media rankings but your knowledge of football, the players and recent events will help you make an educated decision. For example, if there is a lot of speculation around a big player transferring to another club, it’s likely that the news sites are going to cover that and if you’re quick enough, you can buy shares in players who are due to be featured in articles and whose price will therefore increase.

Match Day Rankings

On any day there is a football match in any of the eligible leagues or competitions, players involved in those games will accumulate points based on their performances. Just like with the media rankings, traders who hold shares in players who top the rankings at the end of the day will receive dividends.

Eligible leagues for Match Day Rankings are: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League.

During matches, players are awarded points for various actions such as goals, shots, crosses, passes, clearances and team wins. Points can also be deducted for actions such as red/yellow cards, offsides, fouls, own goals and team defeats. Football Index uses OPTA to provide statistics and so are considered very accurate.

Payouts will be made to the Top Defender (including Goalkeepers), Top MidfielderTop Forward as well as the Star Footballer who is the day’s top performing player.

The value of the Match Day dividends varies depending on the number of matches played on that day. The more matches that are played, the higher the dividend value as there is more competition and so less chance of your players topping the rankings. If there are no matches being played on a given day, the value of the Media dividends is increased.

Top 200 list and Squad Players

There are two lists on Football Index  to select players from. The first is the Top 200 list which displays the 200 players whose share prices are the highest. These are players who are most in demand and are likely to be performing well on the pitch and also receiving a lot of media coverage. If you hold shares in any of these top 200 players, you are eligible to receive both the media dividends and the match day dividends should they top the rankings chart.

The Squad Players list consists of players outside of the Top 200. You can buy and sell these players just like you can with players from the Top 200 list with the main difference being that you will only be eligible to receive Match Day dividends but not Media dividends. Players must feature in the Top 200 list for traders who hold shares in them to receive Media dividends.

You may find a lot of promising players in the Squad Players list whose value may rise should they perform well, get game time, score goals or transfer to a new club. There are thousands of players to choose from and so this is where your in-depth football knowledge makes the difference and can earn you money.

Buying & Selling Shares in Players

Football Index have made it easy for anyone to buy and sell shares in players. Once you have found a player you would like to buy shares in, you can click on the ‘BUY’ button and select how many shares you want to purchase. The total amount will be displayed and once confirmed, that amount will be deducted from your account.

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Selling shares is just as easy and is done by clicking on the ‘SELL’ button next to a player. You can find a list of players you hold shares in by clicking on your portfolio. Here you’ll be able to not only view your shares but also the price you bought them at, what they’re worth currently and the profit or loss you have made on them.

You have two options when selling shares. The first being to sell instantly at the price offered by Football Index. If you do this, the value of your shares will be added to your available funds straight away. The other option is to set a price you’d like to sell your shares at. The benefit of this option is that you may be able to gt a higher price than offered on the ‘Instant Sell’ option. However, your shares are not guaranteed to sell for a price which is determined by yourself and if they do, it may take time for another trader to buy them. If you’re not in a rush to have access to additional funds and if you have a set price you wish to sell at, this is a good option.

Football Index App

The Football Index app is available to download on the iOS & Android app stores for free. It’s great for checking your share prices on the move as well as buying and selling shares. Events can cause share prices to go up and down in value and so it is important to have quick access to your account when on the move so that you can take appropriate action.

Football Index Money Back Offer
The Football Index Money Back Welcome Offer is an excellent offer and incentive to give it a go. During your first 7 days, you can deposit £50 – £500 and if you make a loss or simply do not wish to continue, you can claim back up to £500. Do not deposit more than £500 in your first 7 days as this is the maximum you can receive back. This gives you the chance to trade shares in players for real money and potentially make large profits. If you have made a profit after the 7 days, you can simply withdraw your winnings and if you have made a loss, you can claim it back.

To receive a refund up to £500, simply email the Football Index support team and they will process your refund.

Try Football Index!
If you try it and decide you don’t like it, Football Index will refund any losses up to £500 in cash!

Click here to sign up for free today

*New customers only. Min. deposit £10. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/05/20 until 31/05/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply*. Please gamble responsibly.

+18,, T&Cs apply.

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