Football Acca Tips & Advice

Football Acca Tips & Advice

Casual punters and footy fans share a mutual love when it comes to accumulator bets. Placing a football acca adds excitement to the weekend domestic action and midweek continental games. With another boring international break behind us and club football returning, we’ve compiled some hints and tips to help you be more savvy when next placing your acca bets.

Be Wary Of The Early Kick-Off

The Saturday lunchtime kick-off may seem like an obvious place to start when picking out your bets. However, a loss here can scupper your whole coupon for the rest of the day or even the weekend. Of course, the flipside of this is that an early win can put you in a strong position ahead of your remaining fixtures.

Some teams struggle in making the adjustment to play a few hours earlier and may not be at their best. This can produce lethargic displays but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re all 0-0 draws. In fact, in recent seasons, the early games have produced more goals on average than those kicking off at the traditional time of 3.00pm.

That’s been the case so far in the Premier League this season, with Bournemouth v Manchester City, Swansea v Manchester United and Watford v Liverpool each having at least three goals. The latter was a 3-3 draw at Vicarage Road and a real coupon buster, as thousands of punters expected the Reds to prevail. Now who saw that coming?

Do Your Research And Look For Value

A common tactic is to scour the top European leagues and stick in a bunch of odds-on favourites in the hope of a big return. Sometimes punters include a few of these teams to increase the potential returns. But what is the point of blindly adding these teams when you’ve spent time researching the other selections?

It can seem like a good idea to throw in Porto, Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Ajax, Olympiacos, Celtic and Bayern Munich as they are ‘bound to win’. However, it’s fairly common that at least one of these ‘certainties’ will let you down. A recent example over the International break was France failing to oblige against Luxembourg. At odds of 1/100, they simply were not worth including and it came back to haunt those that had them on their slip.

It’s also important to know what a team has riding on each game. Cup matches often see bigger teams taking an opportunity to rest star players and field weakened sides. Games over two legs should be approached with caution. If the favourite already has a sufficient lead, then they may look to protect it and play for the draw. It’s a similar situation where group stages are concerned and teams have already qualified.

Cover Your Selections With Betting Offers

Many online bookmakers run special offers that are specifically for use on accumulator bets. The most common betting offer is known as acca insurance and is promoted by firms such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Betfred to name but a few. Each of these firms has individual terms and conditions but the basic mechanic remains constant.

By placing your acca bet within the terms of one of these promotions you will be eligible for a refund. The refund is paid as a free bet or bonus and will be triggered if a single selection in your qualifying accumulator bet loses. Therefore, if you miss out on your acca by one, you’ll at least get something back to try and win again.

There are other accumulator offers too. Some will give a cash bonus relating to the number of selections you have in a winning acca. Others reward you with a free bet for placing a set amount of multiple bets in a week. In any case, you can use these betting offers to add value when placing accumulator bets.

Introduce Matched Betting To Your Game

Matched betting is a mathematically proven method of making a profit from bookmaker offers. This is achieved by using a betting exchange such as Matchbook or Betfair to lay off bookmaker bets. A lay bet is to bet that something won’t win, so both possible outcomes are covered.

This includes the draw in football because a team will either win or fail to win. If the team you have backed with the bookie wins, then you’ll win that bet and lose at the exchange. If they draw or lose, then you’ll be down at the bookmaker but recoup losses at the exchange.

Taking this approach allows you to qualify for free bets. You will incur a small loss, usually a few pence, but the resulting free bet can be used to generate a cash profit. For example it may cost 50p to earn a £10 free bet but that free bet is worth around £8, so you should make roughly £7.50.

Matched betting can be applied to accumulator offers too. There are four different ways to make money from acca insurance including laying your bets at the start, locking-in a profit, laying sequentially or leaving the acca to run with the no lay approach. Each technique has it’s own merits and which one you choose is entirely down to you.

Within the premium area, you will find full instructions for all profitable acca offers, plus the tools needed to make the promos pay. This includes spreadsheets that work out ideal lay stakes to maximise profits and simplify any working out.

Get The Best Football Acca Tips With Acca Backer
Get The Best Football Acca Tips With Acca Backers

We’ve taken football acca tips to the next level with our revolutionary Acca Backers tool. It’s free to use for premium members and has received high praise from the matched betting community. What it essentially does is serve you up with recommended acca bets. These suggestions will conform to each bookmaker offer. So for example, you can pick out bets that comply specifically with the terms of William Hill Acca Five Insurance.

You can apply a series of filters to generate your ideal acca in seconds. At present there are twelve bookmakers, giving you great versatility. The bets will be sorted by expected value (EV) and can be filtered for No Lay, Lay Sequential, Lay At Start and Lock In methods. You can also manually swap selections if you wish to customise the bets. Acca Backers is the ultimate tool for making money with accumulator offers.



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