Favourable Changes To Casino Offer Terms Expected After CMA Investigation

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The Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA) has declared a dislike of the current state of affairs where casino bonuses are concerned. After an investigation into the industry, it has concluded that six key areas need to be urgently addressed in the interest of fair play. CMA Project Director George Lusty highlighted the following problem areas when speaking at the Gambling Commission’s Raising Standards Conference 2017 yesterday;

  1. Complex terms and conditions for promotions
  2. Restrictions on withdrawing winnings
  3. Restrictions on withdrawing unspent funds
  4. Unfair terms and conditions
  5. Changing terms on free bets
  6. No player opt out for publicity

Lusty underlined his opening point by explaining that even after careful studying of some terms and conditions, the customer journey was very different to that described. Considering that the CMA is well versed in consumer law, the chances are that the average punter would not be able to decipher the same rules.

One of the big sticking points is the prevention of customers being able to withdraw funds. Some players are unable to cash out their own deposits because the terms of a promotion didn’t differentiate between deposit and bonus money. He pointed at the use of minimum withdrawal limits which make it harder for consumers to access money which is legally theirs.

“We formally opened enforcement cases against a number of operators in the summer, and began a process of consultation with the majority of these operators last month. That process is ongoing, and we expect to take a decision in December about whether we need to proceed to court.”

These revelations are sure to send a shock wave through the industry. Operators will be keen to ensure that they don’t fall foul of any regulations, for fear of legal action. It’s anticipated that complex wagering requirements could become a thing of the past, which is great news for matched bettors.

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