Euro 2020 coming, what does England have to offer?

Euro 2020 coming, what does England have to offer?

The anticipation is growing. The first game for Euro 2020 is getting closer and closer. England has had a good summer to be proud of how it has done in the last championship, but what are we going to be looking forward to now? How is England going to be performing and who is ti going to have to try and qualify against?

The answers are here, and the answers are good. If you were hoping for something exciting, you have what you wanted. The first qualifying game will be held in England (so yes, you can attend) and will be played against the Czech Republic. You should know this if you have not been living under a rock as of late.

The game is not such a long time away, of course. We will have to wait until Friday, and some people have even started coming up with today’s bet tips for the game. Some predictions are a little more absurd than others, with certain parties making predictions that the team of England might not perform as well as we are all hoping it will. And while some things might change until Friday, we are pretty confident in the information we have right now and the set up that the English team is going to be playing with.

Many are predicting that the game will be in favour of England, and this is a strong position to hold, especially coming off of such a good previous track record.

Loads of new talent

Gareth Southgate has managed to start picking out some very fresh and young talent for the squad, which is nice for the energy that this brings to the team, but how good is this in terms of experience? As much as it is true that energy and positivity are important for the game to be good, we also know that experience is what brings victory. Though Southgate did not have much of a choice, as the main players he would’ve wanted to bring in have taken on a number of harsh knocks that have put them out of the game for now.

Though the young playmaker being brought to play is nothing to be trifled with either. James Ward-Prowse is a young player, yes, but he has shown time and again that he is a capable one. He has had a number of expeditions outside of the country, representing England in the game against Germany in 2017. In the previous league, Ward-Prowse has managed to hit six goals and will keep up the efforts in hopes of impressing the world with his skill.

There are, of course, older names on the team as well. Ward-Prowse mentions that he is hoping to learn as much as he can from his teammates, in order to produce eventually become one of the Seniors himself. The team picked by Southgate is impressive and bound to bring some really interesting plays to our screens. What is even better, is that the team is very likely to be victorious in the coming games.

Let’s wish them luck!

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