Esports: Changing the Perspective of the Sports Industry for Better or Worse

Esports: Changing the Perspective of the Sports Industry for Better or Worse

Esports has made its mark in the sports industry through its numerous bonuses and incentives. Recently, a 16-year-old boy won $3 million in prize money through eSports, while some players have also won millions while playing video games. Thus, the company is changing the world’s view of the sports industry.

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Who Competes in Esports?

Esports has proven over the year to be the competitive and professional version of any game. For instance, you may play basketball with your friends for leisure, although you are not registered with the NBA. The same applies to other games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends, and other games from eSports.

If you play Fortnite with your friends, you’re not registered as a competitor in eSports. Nevertheless, competitive Fortnite players such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf are eSports competitors.

Social Media

Esports is also leveraging social media to give us a new perspective of the sports industry. The sports giant broadcasts its games on YouTube and Twitch. Everyone has free access to these two social media accounts to watch their games free, giving millions of people access to watch their sports live for free.

Viewers can also seize the opportunity to interact with one another through the platforms’ chat rooms. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people watching a Super Bowl party simultaneously on a platform that allows them to communicate while watching the event. That’s what watching eSports on Twitch live offers.

Esports athletes also leverage their youthfulness to create and run vibrant social media accounts. Thus, they can communicate with their fans on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to boost their popularity and appeal.


Fans engagement with the sports on eSports has also changed. Fans can watch highlights on their social media pages as soon as possible. While traditional sports shy away from this, eSports leverages social media for better engagement.

Recently, the National Basketball Association (NBA) gave the green light to people to show the highlights of its games on social media, with an impressive result. Millions of people have viewed and shared those clips, giving people who formerly were not interested are now picking interest, thanks to the few clips of NBA games they watched. Thus, the basketball league is growing astronomically, from attendance record to improved viewership figures as more people are interested in basketball games, thanks to social media. The NBA is benefiting from towing that eSports’ path.


This gives a clue into how many people desire to watch sports. No wonder that Netflix and other streaming services are thriving while subscribers are either cancelling or not renewing their cable subscriptions. Fans are simply pissed off by the idea of getting a cable and subscribing to some sports package before they can watch their favourite sports.

Fans are fascinated by the prospect of watching live games, either for free or cheaply. They are not interested in cable services. The NBA is blazing the trail with its NBA League Pass, basketball’s equivalent of Netflix. The Pass has drawn younger and new fans to the sport and other sports may join the train, thanks to eSports’ innovation.

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