England Among Bookmakers’ Favorites to Win Euro 2020

England Among Bookmakers' Favorites to Win Euro 2020

Euro 2020 is likely to draw much more attention because of the modifications that were made to the manner in which the competition is held. One of the major changes, however, is that this year, the tournament will be held in 12 cities in all. This is something that has never taken place within the 60-year history of the contest. The contending teams will be 24, which has happened only once before during the existence of the championship. 

All these changes have undoubtedly arisen the attention of people all over the world but the question that seems to bother punters and soccer lovers is which of the teams will eventually lift the trophy. 

Championship Format

The twenty teams that will take part in the competition have already become known, and the last four teams that will join the contest will be revealed after the play-offs that will be held in March. There are no changes in terms of the way in which the teams are grouped as they are divided into six groups of four teams each. 

The tournament draw took place in Bucharest on the 30th of November, and it revealed that the teams in group A are Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, and Wales. The teams that will pit their wits in group B include Denmark, Finland, Russia, and Belgium. Group C, on the other hand, is made of teams such as the Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, and one of the play-off winners.

Group D might turn out to attract the attention of soccer lovers as one of the contending teams is England, while the others are Croatia, the Czech Republic, and one out of the four play-off winners. The teams that are included in group E are Spain, Sweden, Poland, and one of the play-off winners. Group F is made of the last play-off winner, France, Germany, and Portugal. 

Who Are the Favorites to Win Euro 2020

Although Euro 2020 will start in June, punters are already looking ahead of the competition and keep on asking themselves which of the teams will win the play-off, and more importantly, which team will be the big winner. 

Portugal is the team that will draw much attention from bookmakers and punters alike as it will go out of its way to defend the trophy from 2016. England is also among the favourites to win Euro 2020 and what might serve as an impetus for the team to give their best to lift the trophy is that the final will take place at Wembley Stadium. 

According to the odds most bookies provide, the team that is led by Gareth Southgate is most likely to end up victorious. In essence, the couch does not seem to pay much attention to the predictions of bookmakers as instead, he points out that all the needed improvements will be made to ensure that the team will show its best. That being said, he does not neglect the teams that are included in the F group as many consider it the toughest of all. 

Despite the fact that the team has been fourth for some time, bookmakers and soccer lovers have certainly not written them off from the competition for the trophy. 

France is also ahead in the running as there also bookies that consider the team an outright favourite. The team won the World Cup in 2018 when it prevailed over Croatia. What is more, France was the runner-up of the Euro 2016. 

The other teams that are in the frame to show good results during the competition are Spain as the team lifted the trophy in 2008 and 2012, Belgium, that has a squad overflowing of top players, and Germany. It is not much of a surprise that Germany is among the favourites as the team has dominated international football for quite some time.

Betting on Euro 2020

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