Does matched betting work

Does matched betting work

I’ve lost count of the number of times I get asked does matched betting work? Can I really make £500 a month matched betting? Does finishing the sign up offers mean the end of my matched betting days?

The first question is the easiest to answer as there are tens of thousands of people matched betting so there’s no shortage of testimonials to back up the claims that you can earn extra income from betting offers. Better than taking someone’s word for it, is to sign up to the 14 day trial at for £1. A short two minute video explains the basics and demonstrates how to use the odds matcher and matched betting calculator. Read the three articles which explain more about matched betting, how to use a betting exchange and the getting started checklist so you’re ready to tackle the first offer.

The trial provides three offers with full video walkthrough showing everything from opening an account with bookmaker and exchange, to placing your bets and using the free bets. There’s around £40 profit to be made and with that much proof, there’s every reason to invest some of the profit in purchasing a month subscription to Premium for just £14.

There’s around £1000 profit to be made from over 50 sign up offers and to answer questions 2 and 3, over 100 more reload, casino and bingo offers to ensure you’ll be able to make money month after month.

I took a quick look at the existing customer offers on a quiet Monday and we had listed 24 offers with guaranteed profits totaling in excess of £100. Many of these offers are loyalty offers which can be done every week and a few were available to do every day.

We also have 20 Acca Insurance offers which should typically earn £50 to £100 per week from the pick of them in addition to advantage play offers with such a huge edge, they are worth over £100 per week if available to do them during afternoons when the horse racing is live.

Risk free casino offers and bingo loopholes can boost your profits by hundreds or thousands if your luck is in  and can be the icing on the cake some months.



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