Does Matched Betting Still Work?

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There are lots of people who made money bagging bonuses years ago who are wondering does matched betting still work? The exploitation of bookmaker offers to guarantee a profit has been around since the dawn of the internet, so is the golden goose still laying eggs? The answer is yes, and there are many more opportunities today than were available to the pioneers of matched betting.

Matched betting became a viable means to make some easy money when Betfair and launched the world’s first betting exchanges in 2000. They soon merged with Betfair remaining the biggest internet betting exchange on the planet and the main vehicle for people to turn bookmaker bonuses into tax-free profits.

Present day tools, to quickly search for the best bets and calculators to work out the ideal stakes, weren’t readily available meaning matched bettors tended to be clever mathematical types or sharp gambling operators. It was more time consuming in the early days too and many people would take whatever sign up offers they could find, say thanks for the easy £700-£1000 they pocketed and move on to other interests.

Matched betting is more accessible than ever before

Word has been slowly spreading, more tools have been developed, guides have been written and now matched betting is accessible to anyone aged over 18 and living in the UK. Some of the pathfinders must look on with surprise to see students, stay-at-home mums and retirees with no understanding of gambling are matched betting to make money online, and profiting month after month.

There are more online bookmakers than ever before and they continue to use the tried and tested method to attract new customers by giving away free bets. This means many of the early adopters can come back and clean up a lot of offers that weren’t around in their first foray into matched betting.

Services like Matched Bets aggregate sign up offers and other promotions aimed at existing customers. Their clever tools and strategies for risk-free betting and advantage play guarantee the sustainability of matched betting with the potential to make anything from £500 to £2000+ per month.

Bookmakers continue to dream up offers for matched betting

It’s no secret that bookmakers hate bonus abuse and will take measures to stop people exploiting their offers by opening duplicate accounts. But, it’s not necessary to cheat the bookies in this way to boost your income each month. There are no signs that bookmakers are planning to stop handing out free bets to both new and existing customers. In fact, they are always dreaming up new offers and most can be used to earn a quick profit.

Recently we saw the introduction of enhanced odds offers which make a quick and easy profit matched betting. Bookmakers were eager to promote betting in-play on football and tennis and a plethora of bet £20 get £10 free in-play bet and similar promotions meant money kept rolling in week after week. Price boosts, money back offers and extra places on each way bets have all provided money making opportunities which matched bettors have gleefully accepted.

So the answer the question, does matched betting still work? You bet it does and its popularity continues to grow rapidly. If you are new to this method to earn an extra income, you can find out more about matched betting here.



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