Discover the secret of no risk matched betting

Not really gambling

Actress Jennifer Aniston is famously quoted as saying “Oh, it’s not really gambling when you never lose” and we can confidently apply the Hollywood star’s words to matched betting.

Discover the secret of no risk matched betting and how thousands of people are earning from £500 to £2000 per month by taking advantage of betting offers.

Matched betting is a clever technique that removes the gambling element of betting to earn guaranteed profits from free bet offers. The introduction of betting exchanges around the turn of the century opened the doors to one of the easiest ways to make money online. It enabled the man on the street to bet both sides of an outcome, ie backing a selection to win and to lose.

What’s the point I hear you say, surely you can’t win anything that way? You’d be absolutely right, if you back a football team to win its match and back it to lose at the same odds on the betting exchange you’ll end up out of pocket by a few pence to cover the exchange commission. But, if that same bet earns you a free bet as part of a betting promotion, you can use the technique to guarantee a profit from the free bet. Typically, you can make £20 profit from a £25 free bet.

There are more 50 UK licensed online bookmakers so eager to attract new customers they will give you a free bet or bonus for registering a new account. You’ll be required to place a bet with your own money in order to obtain the free bet but as explained above you can use matched betting so it costs next to nothing. Convert the free bets to cash with no risk matched betting and you can make around £1000 profit from welcome offers alone and it’s all tax-free.

It gets better, because bookmakers will try to entice you to spend more with a variety of promotions for existing customers and the matched betting community has developed strategies and tools to make money for the vast majority of them.

If you like the idea of making over £500 per month tax-free with this no risk strategy, you should sign up for a 14 trial for£1  with You’ll have full access to all bookmaker offers and learn how to generate a profit from them with the help of video walkthroughs and clear, concise step-by-step guides.



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