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croatia england free bet

William Hill have an excellent offer which all customers can claim on the Croatia v England match tonight.

What is the offer?

Place a £10 bet on any market on the Croatia v England match and receive a £10 free bet.

Important things to know

This is a pretty simple offer with the main term to consider being that your initial bet must have odds of 1.2 or greater to qualify for the free bet.

Profiting from the Croatia v England free bet

This is a quick and easy offer to do and can return a profit of around £7.50 whether your bet wins OR loses using matched betting. In order to make a profit from this offer we must cover all outcomes of our bet. By doing so, we will make a very small loss on our initial bet but make a much larger profit from our free bet.

Read the instructions below to learn how to profit from this offer.

Step 1. Opt into the offer. You can do this by visiting the promotions page on the William Hill website.

Step 2. Find a good match for your qualifying bet. We want to find a bet where the back odds on William Hill are close to the lay odds on a betting exchange such as Betfair Exchange. To do this, we can use the Odds Matcher on


The Odds Matcher on will show you the best bets based on the odds at William Hill and the odds on the betting exchanges.

As we can see from the image above, there is a good match for ‘Under 1.5 goals in the 1st half’. This bet has back odds of 1.3 at William Hill and lay odds of 1.36 at

Step 3. Calculate your lay stakes

Now that we have found a bet, we need to know how the ideal lay stake to place on to make the smallest qualifying loss. To do this, we use a bet calculator.

matched betting calculator

Using the calculator as shown above and inputting our bet details, if we place a £10 bet on ‘Under 1.5 first half goals’ on William Hill and lay the same bet on Matchbook with a stake of £9.58, we would make a loss of £0.42 if the bet wins with William Hill (if there are under 1.5 first half goals) and a loss of £0.42 is the bet wins with Matchbook (if there are not under 1.5 first half goals).

Step 4. Making a profit with your free bet

We’ve now placed our bet with William Hilland our lay bet with Matchbook and have made a very small loss so far. However, William Hill have now given us a £10 free bet and it is with this that we shall make a profit.

In order to make a profit with our free bet, we repeat the process above with 2 changes.

  1. We choose a bet with odds of 5.0 or greater. This will allow us to return a higher profit than is we chose a bet with shorter odds.
  2.  We select ‘Free Bet’ from the drop-down menu on the calculator. This will take into account that the free bet stake is not included in any winnings and calculate the ideal lay stake accordingly.

Using the Odds Matcher again, we search for a close match at odds of 5.0 or greater for our free bet.

william hill free bet

We have found a close match on ‘Caledonia Laird’ to win the 21:15 at Wolverhampton. The odds on the horse to win on William Hill are 5.0 and the odds for the horse not to win on Smarkets are 5.1.

We now need to input these details into the matched betting calculator to calculate the ideal lay stakes and see how much our profit will be from the free bet.

england croatia free bet

By selecting ‘Free Bet’ from the drop down menu and inputting the details of the bet, we can see that if we place our £10 free bet on the horse to win and stake £7.87 on the horse not to win on Smarkets, we will make a profit of £7.73 on William Hill if the horse does win and a profit of £7.71 on Smarkets if the horse doesn’t win.

Total Profit from the offer

There are two stages to making a profit from this offer.

  1. Placing the qualifying bet and laying it
  2. Placing the free bet and laying it

We made a loss of £0.42 on the qualifying bet and made a profit of £7.72 from the free bet.

Therefore, we have made a total profit from this offer of:

£7.71 – £0.42 = £7.29

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