Coral £5 Per Goal Offer

coral 5 free bet per goal

In the 2018/2019 football season, bookmaker Coral introduced a great offer for existing customers which they run, usually on a weekly basis, for nominated football matches.

Coral offer a range of sports and casino offers so if you don’t have an account yet, sign up today to take advantage.

What is the Coral, ‘Bet £10 Get £5 Per Goal’ offer?

The promotion is pretty simple and allows you to receive up to £15 in free bets for placing a £10 bet on specific football matches. That’s better than some new customer offers!

When Coral run the promotion, they will announce an eligible football match. To qualify for the promotion, you simply need to place a £10 bet on either team to win the match. By doing so, you will qualify to receive a £5 free bet for every goal scored in that game, regardless of which team scores the goals.

The minimum bet to qualify is £10 and it must be on a match winner. You won’t qualify by placing a bet on other markets such as first goalscorer, correct score or the match ending in a draw.

The maximum number of £5 free bets you can receive from any one game is three, totalling £15 in free bets. For example, if there were two goals scored in the game, you would receive 2 x £5 free bets. if there were 3 goals scored in the game, you would receive 3 x £5 free bets and if there were 5 goals scored in the game, you would also receive 3 x £5 free bets.

Matched Betting

This offer can be very profitable should there be three or more goals in the match and by using matched betting, your able to minimise any risk to your initial stake by covering all outcomes.

When matched betting this offer, you simply back a team to win with Coral, lay your bet on a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets and hope that there are goals in the game. You should be able to return an overall profit if there is just one goal scored with the profit increasing the more times the ball finds the net.

You will most likely make a small loss or around £0.50 by backing and laying your qualifying bet but you are in with the chance to receive up to £15 in free bets depending on the number of goals scored. By backing and laying your free bets, you can expect to turn them into around 80% of the free bet value. For example, if you received £10 in free bets because two goals were scored, you could expect to make around £8 cash from those free bets when matched betting.

  • Cost to qualify for the promotions: £0.50
  • Expected profit from 1 x £5 free bet = £4
  • Expected profit from 2 x £5 free bet = £8
  • Expected profit from 3 x £5 free bet = £12
  • Total Expected Profit
  • Expected Profit if No Goals Scored: -£0.50
  • Expected Profit if 1 Goal Scored: £3.50
  • Expected Profit if 2 Goals Scored: £7.50
  • Expected Profit if 3 Goals Scored: £11.50

As you can see, the expected profit from this offer ranges from £3.50 – £11.50 if a goal is scored which is usually quite likely. Even if a goal isn’t scored, the qualifying loss should only be around £0.50 which won’t happen too often and the average profits should far outweigh the small losses.

If you hold an account with Coral, you’ll find some excellent on-going promotions which can be very profitable. Along with sports promotions, Coral also have regular risk free casino offers. You’ll find a range of offers on the Coral promotions page.

This offer is available to eligible customers of Coral. You’ll find details of the offer on the Coral promotions page or you can sign up to today and get access to this and hundreds of other profitable bookmaker offers all in one place along with step-by-step guides on how to lock in profits from them. Membership costs just £1 for 14 days so why not take the first step in generating a profit from matched betting by signing up today. It only takes 1 minute!

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