Choosing a New Betting Site for Horse Racing

Choosing a New Betting Site for Horse Racing

Now that sporting events and betting has pretty much got back to normality from the chaos that the pandemic has caused on the betting front, we have seen an increase in Royal Ascots new betting sites offering various bonuses to help you at the festival. Of course, this makes complete sense, due to the sports gambling market fully open once again, more and more opportunities will come to make the perfect entertainment and experience for budding punters. The question here is however, what should punters base their choices on, when selecting a new betting site specifically for horse racing? 

By reading our article today, you will know exactly what to consider when making your choice. The market is highly saturated nowadays, so every little bit of information counts, to ensure you go about making the best choice for you!

Bonus sign-up offers

It goes without saying here, when you make your perfect choice of a new betting site for horse racing, the key thing you should be looking for is sign up bonuses for new punters. The sign-up offer that is used to entice new customers from the betting site actually speaks volumes in terms of what you can expect from a long-term perspective as a gambling destination. New betting sites that are of good quality will not hold back when it comes to being generous, usually the offer is presented as a quantity of free bets. Therefore, it is always important to compare from provider to provider as in between the fine print, there will be details that will help you greatly differentiate on whether the horse racing betting site is worth your time.

There will always be wagering requirements attached to free bets and money bonuses, so make sure you are on a keen look out, as some of these wagering requirements can actually not be worth it and be exceptionally high and therefore not achievable in a realistic sense. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough here, whenever you see a new betting site on the first introduction basis, make sure you really look deep into what the offer entails, as once you have signed up and accepted the terms, you are tied to whatever the small print says. The offer should say it all, if you make sure to look into it hard enough!

Once you have found out everything you need to know about the bonus sign up offers, and you are happy with what they provide to you as a punter, you can gamble on the Royal Ascot and other horse races to your heart’s content!

Ongoing bonuses

Any betting site will second the idea that keeping their customers loyal to their site is down to the ongoing promotions they are willing to provide to their community. Therefore, as a new player, you will need to look beyond living within the moment and actually envision the long-term experience that comes with becoming a member of that particular gambling site. Usually, ongoing promotions come forward as some kind of loyalty scheme that punters can have in on, the more hours and money they invest within the betting system. Anything from occasional free bets, to other circulating specialised offers surrounding the other sports markets that the site provides, should tell you that you will be well looked after during your long term stay with the site. It is not rocket science that if a site has invested multiple pathways for your entertainment, you are most definitely in safe and wanting hands.

Deposits and withdrawals 

When you are looking towards making a choice of a bookmaker, the deposit and withdrawal options and limits are something else to look into and consider. You may be surprised to hear that despite the level of technological advancement we have reached today, not all horse betting sites will actually provide you with the multiple payment methods that you deserve. Being limited to just one or two choices again highlights the quality of the site that you are about to play on. If a new betting site has really invested into their site, they will make sure you are covered on all fronts, so you have every option imaginable at your command. 

The payment options that you should expect in this day and age, include E-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill amongst others. In addition to cryptocurrency, major debit cards and more. The more options you have, the better the service you are getting, believe us.

Withdrawal limits are another huge thing that often gets neglected nowadays when making a choice about a new betting site. Usually, the withdrawal limit should be as large as possible. Guaranteed as a new site, cash flow will not be as expensive as say a more reputable site on the market. However, having very small limits is not usual and should be reflected on by you, the user of the site! Imagine you managed to win some serious money, would you be happy about not getting it all in one go? We know we wouldn’t be happy! So, it is definitely something to think about, overall isn’t it?

Regulation and safety 

The gambling community is a vast one, meaning you will have plenty of choices to pick from, that is for sure. However, that does not necessarily mean that you will be safe in doing so. In fact, so many sites that exist nowadays are not guaranteed to give you safety unless they promise to provide you with the regulations of the UK gambling commission. This ensures that the horse betting site is regulated by the laws of the UK. If the new betting site is regulated by this license, you can guarantee that everything from rigging to fairness and honesty will be monitored and managed to ensure your maximum safety as a player.

Any site that does not follow the regulations and guidelines of the licensing bodies they are registered too, will face serious repercussions from the regulator body themselves and the law. So, if you want to make sure you stand with a safe and trustworthy new betting site, look out for the documentation and badges within the betting site. That should provide you assurance enough on whether you can trust the betting site. A word of advice too, if you are checking out that a betting site weighs up with the correct licensing, the badge should never be hard to find as for the customers peace of mind, usually they will make it as obvious as possible.

Multiple sports markets available 

Another obvious factor which you should consider when selecting a new betting site for horse betting, is the variety of sports markets available. You will of course be wanting to access other sports too, that is natural. So, a site should readily provide other options too, to make sure that your experience is covered from all possible angles. The best sites today will cover national and international markets meaning you will be able to access sports in every country, even the huge gaming seasons like the NBA for example. Should a betting site not actually offer you multiple choices and sporting event options, you know you are pushing for the bare minimum and it may be worth your while if you pursue other betting avenues within the sports gambling sector. It is pretty much as simple as that.

Mobile interface 

The huge thing nowadays when it comes to online gambling, is the mobile technology that has advanced to support it. You will find that now when selecting a betting site to gamble on, it is a huge indicator on the quality of the site, if they do not provide the most up to date HTML5 systems. All gambling sites should support Android and iOS software, as that is what the majority operate their life within. 

Should a site go the extra mile and develop a mobile app alongside their new betting site (it is rare), you will find that again that is an obvious trait of how advanced and unique your experience can be. Mobile technology grows by the day, and if a site is actively trying to keep up to date with it, you are definitely playing within a safe and nurturing gambling space. There is no doubt about it.

Live streaming 

Live streaming has fast become a huge must for any gambling site. This service is provided on the top sites of the industry today, meaning if a new betting site wants to compete with the big shots of the industry, they need to provide this service with no questions asked. Live streaming does cost quite a bit from the gambling networks side, due to the licensing that needs to come with it when broadcasting sports. So, this should most definitely reflect a sense of validity, should you come across a new betting site that gives you access to live streaming, as it means the sites are willing to go the extra mile to make you the customer and gambler, happy.

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