Cambridgeshire Housewife Earns £100,000 on Money Making Schemes

money making schemes

Imagine starting off matched betting for a half an hour a day earning some much needed extra income to find yourself quitting your job because you can make £3000 per month from schemes that make money online.

This is what happened to 28-year-old Emma Drew according to this story in the Daily Mail. Emma from Littleforth in Cambridgeshire quit her job in November 2015 after earning £100,000 and now makes around £3000 per month from matched betting and other money making activities on the internet.

It’s not only Emma who was able to give up her job but husband Tony gave up working night shifts to be based at home with his wife. The couple used to spend an hour a day together, so not only do they enjoy much higher earnings than 12 months ago but their quality of life has improved too.

Alongside activities like mystery shopping and website testing, the article claims Emma can earn an average of £50-£80 in an hour matched betting. ‘It’s a guaranteed risk free way of turning a free offer into money. It’s a great way to really boost your income’, reads a quote in the FEMAIL article.

Emma said she made £550 matched betting in four days during Cheltenham and because there are major sporting events popping up throughout the year, there is always a ready stream of bookmaker offers than can be converted into tax-free cash.

The way matched betting works is to use bookmakers and betting exchanges to bet on both outcomes of an event. Since Wimbledon is on at present we can use the example of Andy Murray. You could open an account with a bookmaker such as Ladbrokes who will give you a £50 free bet if you place a £50 bet with your own money.

You back Andy Murray to win Wimbledon on Ladbrokes and back him to lose on a betting exchange. This means you will get a return whether he wins or loses. By using a matched betting calculator to work out the lay stakes on the exchange, you’ll make a small loss of £2-£3 and have a £50 free bet from which to make a profit from the offer.

Again the calculator does all the working out for you. Because you don’t have to pay for the next bet, you can expect to make around 80% of the value of your free bet. That’s £40 in this instance for an overall profit of £37-£38.

Emma has shown a true entrepreneurial spirit to make such a success of working from home. While she is a rare example, thousands of people around the country are making £500 and more each month by spending 20-30 minutes each day matched betting.



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