Bookmaker Video Push Notifications

bookmaker video push notifications

UK based company 2mee have developed a new form of humanised visual augmentation which will allow operators to send video push notifications to customers’ smart devices and they’re looking to get sportsbook operators on board.

Many online casinos and bookmakers use push notifications to communicate with customers which has proven to be an extremely effective marketing channel. Customers who have downloaded an operators app can receive notifications of price boosts, bet offers and other promotions which means players don’t miss out on important announcements.

York-based company ‘2mee’ wants to take this form of marketing one step further and include video messages into the push notifications with sportsbook operators as one of their main targets.

Mobile marketing has grown enormously in recent years in the betting industry and this new channel may attract some attention from operators. 2mee’s face messaging would be able to enhance mobile marketing campaigns with video content rather than a standard text push notification. The application may also be used for brand ambassadors to deliver messages to customers during specific sporting events or when the operator has a promotion or announcement.

One advantage of 2mee’s face messaging is that content can be created and recorded on demand. Either the operator or ambassador can record a message via their mobile device which can then be sent out to customers via the operator’s app. One idea would be for operators to use the feature in-play during events. There’s no doubt that an ambassador giving a video summary at halftime during a football game along with some predicions and current odds would not only be more effective than text notifications but also add brand value for the operator and entertainment and insight for the customer.

2mee founder David Soppelsa commented on the companies face messaging service:

“2mee has created a system for creating video Face Messages in real time and connecting with customers as push notifications that instantly engage and build trust in the brand. It’s known that watching a video of a person speaking to you communicates 60,000 times fast than text. Research at the University of York has shown that trust can be built in just 33 milliseconds by looking at the face of the speaker. And just this week the same team has shown that we are hard-wired to respond to faces – apparently, people know over 5,000 different faces!”

So could we be seeing Ray Winstons face pop up on our mobile phone during matches? Or Dafabet ambassador Jimmy White on our smartwatch during The Crucible? Watch this space.

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