Bookmaker Rules for T20 Cricket Super Overs when Matched Betting

t20 cricket rules when matched betting

Bookmakers have different rules when it comes to T20 Cricket and so it is important to both beware that different rules apply and what the rules are for the bookmakers you are placing your bets with. Failure to do so could result in you losing both your back bets and lay bets, leaving you out of pocket.

We have compiled a list of bookmakers in this T20 matched betting guide and assigned them to groups based on their rules for T20 Cricket. These rules apply to the match winner market. Separate rules may apply to other markets so please do your research before placing any bets. Also be aware that these rules may change in time and so all of the information below should be checked on each individual bookmaker or exchange you place your bets with.

If you are backing and laying your bets, you must ensure that both the bookmaker and exchange are in the same group. By doing so, you can be sure that the same rules apply and that there won’t be any unexpected outcomes. The same goes for if you are dutching your bets. Ensure that both bookmakers are in the same group and have the same rules.

What are Super Overs?

If a T20 Cricket match ends in a draw, it goes to a ‘Super Over’. These consists of one over for each team with six balls each. The match is officially declared a draw but for tournament purposes, a Super Over is played to determine a winner.

Why can Super Overs be an issue when matched betting?

If you have bet on a winner of T20 Cricket match and the match ends in a tie, some bookmakers will void all match result bets and some will let the bets run and settle them based on the outcome of the Super Over. This is why it’s important to only bet with two bookmakers or a bookmaker and an exchange which have the same rules.

For example, if you placed a back bet with a bookmaker which voided bets if the match went to a Super Over and a lay bet with an exchange that settled bets based on the result of the Super Over, should the match end in a draw and your team win the Super Over, you would lose your lay bet and only receive your stake back from your back bet.

Group 1

If the match ends in a draw, the bookmakers and exchanges below will settle bets based on the result of the Super Over.

Group 2

If the match ends in a draw and goes to a Super Over, the bookmakers and exchanges below will void match winner bets.

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