Biden Seen as Trump’s Biggest Threat In 2020 US Presidential Election

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US President Donald Trump is under fire from the Democrats,  and the ongoing impeachment inquiry and the Ukraine scandal are damaging his popularity with the American public.  His approval ratings lie at 37 – 40% just now, a slide of over 5 points over the past months. Will Mr Trump still be US President after the Presidential election on November 3, 2020?   The bookmakers reckon so, with bookie Betfair offering odds of 11/8 that the contentious 73-year old Republican will win a further four years at the White House.


The biggest issue the Democrats face just now is the selection of a suitable candidate to challenge Donald Trump.  Many hats have been cast into the ring, some 18 at present, and the final candidate will be chosen next June after a lengthy process of primaries and caucuses.  The leading candidate is the 76-year old Joe Biden who has previously spent 8 years as Vice-President.  Mr Biden has bid to be the Democrat’s President candidate before, back in 1988 and then again in 2008.  Third time lucky? Perhaps. Bookmaker Unibet thinks so, with odds of 7/1 that he will be the next President of the United States of America, but many think his star is fading as his campaign has been somewhat lacklustre, gaffe-prone and blighted by poor debates and, of course, his son’s rather unfortunate connection to the Ukraine scandal engulfing Donald Trump.


Joe Biden’s closest rival just now is Elizabeth Warren, 70, who belongs to the left of the party, much to the discomfort of many billionaire party supporters who fear her tax-the-rich policies.  She is only a smidge behind Biden according to the bookies, with Unibet offering odds of 9/1 that she will be the next American President.   


Peter Buttigieg, a boyish 37, is Mayor of South Bend Indiana and also a lead contender with odds of 9/1 from Bet365.  His campaign is well-funded and he represents a safe alternative to Biden, should the latter falter.


Bernie Sanders,78, is over twice the age of Mr Buttigieg, and has considerable experience to bring to the party.  He is an independent, which will have its own appeal to voters, and odds of 11/1 are available from BetFred.  


And so the list continues.  And continues. At least until June next year when it will be whittled down to one Democrat Presidential candidate, ready to face Donald Trump in the race  to be President. Will that Presidential candidate be Joe Biden…wait and see. Rest assured, although Biden may be Trump’s big threat from the Democrats, perhaps Trump’s biggest threat is in fact himself.


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