Betway Offers ESL Pro League Sponsorship

ESports Starting To Become Prominent In The Online Betting Game

Online bookmaker Betway has been unveiled as the sponsor of the current ESL Pro League season. It’s the sixth edition of the professional e-sports tournament and is primed to be a popular betting event. The competition got underway this week and will run for the next four months. Twenty eight teams from Europe and South America will compete for a prize pool of over £770,000.

E-Sports betting is available at a number of bookmakers but Betway has really embraced it. The operator has a good range of markets and there are even Betway free bet offers for e-sports. As part of the ESL Pro League sponsorship, the bookie will be able to advertise live odds during each broadcast. The firm has also appointed brand ambassadors to create unique and engaging esports content.

How To Profit From Betway Free Bet Offers

The application of simple matched betting techniques allows us to profit from Betway free bet offers. The concept is very easy to understand, so don’t be daunted. provides specialist tools to take care of complex calculations. This means that all you need to do is enter a few values and follow the instructions on screen.

What you essentially need to do is place a bet that qualifies for a Betway offer. This is known as your ‘Qualifying Bet’. You will then use a betting exchange to place a lay bet on the very same selection. A lay bet is to bet that something will not win. By seeking a close match between Betway odds and exchange prices, you can qualify for a free bet for a nominal fee.

When a free bet token is received, you will then repeat the process with a few adjustments to our bespoke matched betting calculator. This is to account for the fact that you are no longer betting with real cash but with a free bet voucher. It is at this point that you will make a profit and can expect to keep around 80% of the free bet value.

As a working example, let’s say you are looking to place a qualifying bet for the Betway £30 Free Bet new customer offer. You decide to place a £30 back bet on Royal Never Give Up to beat Edward Gaming in the League of Legends at odds of 1.75. In this example, the lay odds at Betfair are 1.84 and the matched betting calculator advises a £29.33 lay stake for a qualifying loss of £2.14, whatever the outcome.

With the free bet in hand, you switch the calculator from ‘Normal Bet’ to ‘Freebet’ mode. The bet is Renegades to beat Astralis in CS:GO Dreamhack. The bookmaker odds are 7.00 and the exchange odds are 7.2, so the suggested lay stake is £25.17. If the bookmaker bet wins you will get £23.95 and if the exchange bet wins you will get £23.91. Taking your qualifying loss into account, you will make a total profit of at least £21.77.

Although e-sports odds are not available, our odds matching software does include Betway prices for football, horse racing, tennis and golf. This software will find close matches for you to speed up the matched betting process. The oddsmatcher updates in real-time and links directly to our integrated calculator, which in-turn tracks your profit automatically. These industry-leading tools are included with Matched Bets premium membership.  Scroll down to see the latest pricing plan.



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