Betfair Exchange Bets On Mayweather v McGregor Passes £12m Mark

Mayweather v McGregor Betfair Exchange

Whether or not you believe this is the new ‘Fight of the Century’ or not, no-one can argue that Floyd Mayweather Jr v Conor McGregor has grabbed the attention of so many around the world. For fight fans and casual fans alike, boxing’s undefeated pound for pound greatest against the biggest star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is an intriguing contest.

It seems that the fight has captured the imagination of punters too, as Betfair Exchange has been swamped with bets. At the time of writing, there was over £12.8million worth of bets that were matched with two whole weeks still to go until the first bell in Las Vegas.

This figure is likely to increase as the contest draws closer, and the fight could even end up as the biggest betting match in history. It is very rare that a sporting contest draws in this much money on a betting exchange.

In comparison, Mayweather’s 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao drew in £8.9million. Currently the biggest single bet placed on Betfair has been a £100k stake on Mayweather to overcome McGregor, but big money punters may top this in the coming days.

Over £100m?

Speaking about the sheer number of bets they have received, Betfair Spokesperson Katie Baylis said:

“We expect this fight to trade well over £50m and could even get to the £100m mark, which would be one of our biggest sporting events of all time.”

“Floyd Mayweather Jr is the 1/5 favourite, with Conor McGregor at 5/1 and as you would expect most of the money is for Mayweather Jr, however, 40% of bets are on McGregor, compared to 34% on Mayweather Jr and 26% on the draw.”

With the market so split, it will be interesting to see which way the contest goes and where the money ends up. With so much liquidity in the markets on Betfair, the fight could be ideal for matched betting. What is matched betting? Well, it can be explained as a way for people make money from free bets through the covering all possible outcomes.

In regards to the matched betting offers available for the fight, we will list all of the best promotions in the members section of, making sure you can guarantee a profit while enjoying the contest.



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