Bet Boosts

bet boosts

Bookmakers run various types of promotions to attract new customers and to encourage existing customers to bet with them. These promotions include free bet offers, money-back specials, best odds guaranteed as well as bet boosts.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what bet boosts are, how bet boosts work, where to find them and how you can use them to get maximum value from your bets.

Enhanced Odds offers are similar to Bet Boosts and so let’s first distinguish the difference between the two.

Bet Boosts

Bet Boosts: Bet Boosts allow you to increase or ‘boost’, the odds of your bet. You can choose the bet which you’d like to boost the odds for but sometimes you are restricted to boosting odds of bets on specific sports, events or markets. Some bookmakers also allow you to boost the odds of your accumulator.

Bet Boosts can be available to both new and existing customers.

william hill bet boost

New Customer Bet Boosts

Not all bookmaker new customer offers consist of free bets. Some bookmakers opt to award new customers with a Bet Boost when registering. These are usually available on your first bet with the bookmaker. These Bet Boosts, also known as ‘Odds Boosts’, ‘Price Boosts’ or ‘Double Odds’, allow you to select a bet and have the odds boosted, usually by a set amount of 100% or 50%. These can be excellent value as you are getting much greater odds than the market suggests.

Existing Customer Bet Boosts

Some bookmakers run regular Bet Boost or Enhanced Specials promotions, allowing customers to boost the odds of a number of bets on a daily or weekly basis. William Hill are one bookmaker which has ran these offers in the past and often gives customers numerous bet boosts to use every day on horse racing and accumulator bets. We’ll be showing you below how you can profit from these bet boost offers.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced Odds: Enhanced Odds offer are similar to Bet Boosts in that you receive bigger than normal odds for a bet. However, with Enhanced Odds, you don’t get to choose the bet for which the odds are boosted on. Instead, the bookmaker will usually offer enhanced odds on a one or more markets of an event.

Enhanced odds offers are usually available at multiple bookmakers on a daily basis. With some offers, the odds will be enhanced by just a small amount but with others, you may find odds which have been boosted up to 100% which are often referred to as ‘double odds’.

New Customer Enhanced Odds Offers

Similar to bet boosts for new customers, some bookmakers offer enhanced odds. These are usually for specific events and the odds are generally enhanced by a considerable amount.

For example, William Hill may offer new customers odds of 50/1 for Man Utd to beat Southampton when the standard odds are just evens (1/1). New customer enhanced odds offers provide great value and are attractive to many punters looking to sign up to a bookie.

Both William Hill and 888Sport run a number of enhanced odds offers for new customers along with various other online bookmakers.

Existing Customer Enhanced Odds Offers

You’ll find enhanced odds offers available every day across various online bookies. The majority of enhanced odds offers are boosted by a relatively small amount but you can find some which have a lot of value. Skybet run their ‘Soccer Saturday Price Boost’ every week where an accumulator containing matches from high-profile football matches are boosted by large amounts. Skybet, along with William Hill, also sometimes offer double odds to customers which are high in value. For example, you may be offered odds of 2/1 instead of 1/1 for Mo Salah to have more than 1 shot on target.

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Bookmakers refer to Bet Boosts, Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds in different ways and sometimes create their own name for them. Below are how some of the top bookmakers refer to boosts:

  • Skybet – Price boosts
  • Betfair – Odds Boost
  • William Hill – Bet Boosts
  • Ladbrokes – Odds Boost 
  • Paddy Power – Power Up (An odds boost for a bet of your choice)
  • Paddy Power – Power Prices (An odds boost on a specified event/market)
paddy power price

How To Profit From Bet Boosts

Both Bet Boosts and Enhanced Odds can be used to generate a profit in the same way. There are two methods you can use depending on the risk you wish to take.

Method 1 – No Lay: If the odds of a bet have been boosted by a significant amount then the bet should have value. The easiest way to check if a bet has value is to compare the boosted odds to the lay odds for the same market on a betting exchange. If the odds with the bookmaker are higher than the lay odds then it is deemed to have value given that the lay odds on the exchange are considered to be close to the ‘true odds’.

If you place a value bet then on average, you will return a profit. You won’t make a profit every time you place a value bet but over time, you will be up. It’s the same principle as if you were to be offered odds of over evens on the flip of a coin. The true odds of either heads or tails is evens as there is a 50% chance of each one occurring and so if you are offered odds higher than this and were to place a bet at those odds an infinite number of times, you would be in profit.

Method 2 – Lay: The second method you can use to profit from Bet Boosts and enhanced odds is to simply lay your bet to lock in a profit. This is the preferred method of many as you can return a profit regardless of whether your bet wins or loses with the bookmaker.

You will need to use a matched betting calculator such as the one available to members of in order to determine the ideal lay stakes to use to ensure that you return a profit regardless of the result.

By entering both the boosted back odds and the lay odds from a betting exchange into the matched betting calculator, you will be able to determine whether or not the bet has value.

For example, let’s say that a bookmaker had boosted the odds of Liverpool to beat Arsenal from odds of evens (2.0) to 2/1 (3.0) and that they lay odds for Liverpool to win were 2.1.

We can then put these details into the matched betting calculator as shown below.

As you can see from the calculator above, if we placed a £10 bet with the bookmaker at the boosted odds and layed our bet on Betfair Exchange, we could make a profit of £3.91 regardless of whether our bet wins or loses with the bookmaker.

Where To Find Bet Boosts

Bet Boosts are available at numerous bookmakers on a daily basis. However, it can be hard to find all of the best and most profitable bet boosts all in one place. members have access to hundreds of bet boosts every day in the members’ area as we compile a list of the best bet boosts available.

You can join for 14 days for just £1 and you’ll get access to all of these bet boosts as well as hundreds of bookmaker betting offers which are available to both new and existing customers.

We show our members how to profit from these betting offers by providing step-by-step guides with the best strategies to use along with providing user-friendly matched betting tools such as the matched betting calculator, odds matcher and many more.

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