Become a matched betting student!

matched betting student

Student life is tough. Trust me, I should know. Traipsing through three years of bargain booze, ready meals and winter nights without heating, I wished I had known of matched betting when I first started university.

Becoming a matched betting student has never been easier. It really is as simple as that 3am essay work you were doing the night before. Don’t think I don’t remember that, we’ve all been there!

Of course, reading this is probably met with the inevitable cry of – ‘But I’ve tried to winning money from gambling before, and ended losing out most of my student loan to Arsenal’s inability to beat Burnley!’

Well, this is where matched betting is different. It is not gambling. It is not risking money. It is not in any way something where you should be worrying if that £5 return is going to come in or not to get you that all important Friday night takeaway.

A matched betting student is someone who always seems to have that little bit of extra cash when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel. That friend who always buys you a drink no matter the price, and maybe a cocktail if you’re lucky!

So, what is matched betting and how do you become a part of it? Matched betting is simple. You take advantage of free betting incentives from the bookies, and utilise betting exchange sites.

For example, say Sky Bet have an offer of ‘Bet £10 returns a free bet of £10.’ You would first sign up to this offer, and before placing that £10 deposit, sign up to a betting exchange site such as Betfair.

Then, find a sporting event that has similar odds across both the bookies and the betting exchange account. In this case, Anthony Joshua is 2.00 odds to beat Wladimir Klitschko, and 2.02 on Betfair.

You would place the £10 bet to earn your free one at the bookies on AJ to win, then lay bet AJ to not win on the betting exchange account. Using a matched betting calculator, you would know to lay bet £10.05, losing out on just £0.25.

Now with your free bet, you find another sporting event, say an NBA game, and bet on the San Antonio Spurs to beat the Golden State Warriors at 3.00, with the exact same odds on Betfair. Using the matched betting calculator, with ‘free bet stake not returned’ selected, you know to lay bet £6.73. And you know that whatever the result, you will make a profit of £6.54.

In just 10 minutes, you’ve bought yourself a couple of drinks for your night out, all whilst getting ready for the evening ahead. It really is that simple to become a matched betting student.

There are so many more free bet offers from the bookies, and MatchedBets compiles all the very best offers just for you! Try their trial, and when you’re up a tenner after 20 minutes, we’ll sure you want to join this very exclusive, lucrative, club. You’ll be the most sought-after man on campus.



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