A Quick Guide for Betting on Tennis and How to Be Successful

A Quick Guide for Betting on Tennis and How to Be Successful

Sports betting these days is much more than just betting on football as synonymous with this type of pastime (or passion). Sports bookmakers offer an average of over 25 sports that punters can bet on – from popular sports such as football and basketball to almost completely unknown sports such as Gaelic sports, curling and sumo wrestling. 

One of the sports in which a lot of revenue is made throughout the calendar year (because it has tournaments that are played throughout the calendar year) is tennis. It is one of the sports to have risen to the attention of the general bettor more than any other in the Internet age. The growth in tennis betting has been increasing by as much as 12 % a year. Therefore, it is very important to know how to successfully bet on it.

From the beginning of January until the end of November, punters can bet on a large number of matches in both men’s and women’s tennis tournaments, every day. At the highest level (ATP and WTA), it is possible to play and bet on tennis on singles and doubles competition as well as on mixed doubles matches.

The tennis caravan is divided by quality into Grand Slam Tournaments (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open), Masters Tournaments, ATP and WTA lower quality tournaments called Challengers etc. Of course, there is also a competition in tennis that involves countries, i.e. their national teams, called Davis Cup. So, every day throughout the year there are a huge number of tournaments and matches that punters who prefer to bet on tennis can actually bet on.

Basics of Sports Betting on Tennis

With the development of technology, this sport has also developed in parallel and is currently one of the most attractive sports to watch and very dynamic. Also, which is clear to all of you by now, it is very popular to bet on tennis.

This part of the article is intended for those who know nothing about tennis… The basic rules are that one game is won after taking four points (or, at least, two more than the opponent) and the set is won when six games are taken. In the biggest tournaments in men’s competition, one match is played on 3 won sets, while in all other tournaments, it is played on two won sets.

Factors to Pay Attention To

It is very important to know that tennis is played on four different surfaces: on hard court, clay, grass and artificial surfaces. On all of these surfaces, of which each has certain characteristics, certain players have an advantage in relation to others. So, the surface on which the match is played is a very important feature when it comes to tennis betting.

Tennis players, both male and female, have a different set of skills and more experienced tennis bettors certainly know how to use their knowledge of these skills because some players play better against others, while some players simply do not suit them. What is important to know to begin with is that there are left-handed and right-handed players (this is very similar to boxing betting) and this can be very important when deciding who to bet on.

Also, there are several types of players per style, which suit or do not suit the style of other players. These are, for example, strong servers, players who prefer to play at the baseline, defensively oriented players, players who do not have a certain type of game, players who aggressively go on the net etc. So, it is immensely important to know things like this when deciding how to bet on tennis.

Popular Betting Markets

Tennis is one of the sports where the so-called Moneyline betting is quite popular, i.e. betting on the final outcome of the match (which player will win the match).

In addition to this market, a large number of punters like to bet on Total Market and Handicap Market. Total Market is identical to betting in football on the total number of goals, only in tennis, the bet is on the total number of games that will be played. On the other hand, a handicap in tennis can refer to a handicap in games and a handicap in sets. This handicap is identical to the handicap played in basketball or American football (NFL), for example.

In the end, it is quite popular in tennis to bet on the ultimate winner of the tournament.

How to Make a Profit by Betting on Tennis?

It has long been known that betting on clear favorites will not make a profit in the long run. Many have tried in almost all sports to do so and it turned out that betting on clear favorites is not the solution because, after one fail, it is necessary to hit predictions for many games in order to make a profit.

So, betting on Novak Djoković and Naomi Osaka for the whole season, statistically, will not bring you a profit. Odds on their wins generally range from 1.05 to 1.10 on Top 10 bookies in a large number of cases, so there is simply no value in betting on them.

There is no universal formula for how to bet on tennis. Profitable punters who bet on this sport use different techniques, but mostly all of these techniques come down to knowing the style of play and the surface that best suits a player. Statistics from previous matches are widely used to decide which player to pay attention to, and ultimately, the short-term form of the tennis player is also an important factor when choosing a bet.

It is extremely important to be disciplined when betting and not lose your head if a bad streak comes along. Good and bad streaks in sports betting are a completely normal thing, and, especially, in tennis, it is necessary to have confidence in your selections. Then, rest assured, success will come.

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