A Look At The Smarkets Mobile App

2016 ‘Best Year In Business’ For Smarkets

The Smarkets mobile app presents us with an excellent opportunity to complete offers while on the move. Through the use of matched betting techniques, we are able to ensure a profit from a number of special promotions that are listed by bookmakers. In this article, we will have a thorough look through the Smarkets mobile app in order to judge how easy it is to use.

Who are Smarkets?

Smarkets are a betting exchange that are direct competitors to other exchanges such as Betfair, Matchbook and Betdaq. If you are unfamiliar with what a betting exchange is, they are a platform that allow people to bet against each other rather than against a bookmaker. On a betting exchange, a user can act as the bookmaker or as a normal punter. The exchange provides the technology that pairs users together in order for bets to be placed. The way they profit is through taking a commission from the net winnings. The commission percentage varies, and Smarkets only take 2% which is lower than most of their rivals.

Thanks to the introduction of betting exchanges, there is now the opportunity to guarantee a profit from bookmaker offers that give us a free bet or bonus. We can place a back bet on a selection to win with a bookmaker and a lay bet on the same selection to lose, covering both outcomes. By doing this with a free bet stake or bonus money, a profit is ensured with the help of a matched betting calculator. Providing that your bet is matched by another user it will be accepted, not only before an event starts but right up until the end of any event too.

Smarkets were founded in 2008. Their CEO Jason Trost had made his name in trading systems and brought his considerable experience to the gambling industry. Some excellent technology has seen the company really progress over the last couple of years. They are now the chosen betting exchange for many matched bettors and sports traders. Smarkets opened their first office in the US towards the end of 2016 and now has offices in London, Los Angeles and Malta. The Sunday times also ranked Smarkets as the second fasted growing UK private technology enterprise in its 2017 Tech Track 100 index.

The company actually reported a 280% annual sales rise over three years, and it seems like things are only going from strength to strength for them. The platform has recently hit £5 billion in wagers. Regarding recent successes, CEO Jason Trost had this to say;

“2016 was another great year of growth for us as we pursue our goal of disrupting the betting industry with a tech-first focus.”

When you are on desktop version of the site, it is a pleasant user experience. The darker colour scheme gives it a sleek look and the site is really helped by the search bar at the top of the page. Here, you can simply type in the name of the event into the search bar and you will be taken to all markets for that event. You are given the opportunity to either back or lay each selection. The best back odds are listed in a green box, while the best lay odds are in a blue box. The liquidity in GBP is listed beneath the odds. The liquidity is the amount of money available to place on each selection.

Smarkets mobile app

Smarkets can be accessed on a mobile browser when using a mobile device, but the best way to access Smarkets when on a smartphone or tablet is through the Smarkets mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. To download on an iPhone or iPad, just head to the Apple App Store and search for Smarkets. It is a similar process for getting the app on an Android now too, but you will need the Google Play store.

Once downloaded, you can get started by having a look around. When opening the app for the first time, you are taken to the home page, which lists the ‘Current Top Markets’. These are a list of some popular markets, for example at the time of writing there was Real Madrid to win the UEFA Champions League outright and Liverpool to beat Leicester City in a League Cup tie. By clicking on each selection, a drop down list of other possible selections are shown. The best back and lay odds are listed for each as well as the liquidity of each market. If you just wish to see the events, there is the option of hiding the prices.

A Look At The Smarkets Mobile App

By scrolling down the home page slightly, some popular upcoming horse races are shown, and the same with some football matches. In the top left hand corner of the app, the three horizontal lines becomes a menu when clicked. This then allows you to either search for an event or select a sport from the list. All of the major sports are shown, as well as some specials such as politics and current affairs. If you wish to view all of the current in-play markets, there is a button for that too.

When clicking into a particular event all of the markets are shown. The amount of money that has been traded so far for each market is also listed. For example, with half an hour left until kick off for the match between Leicester and Liverpool, over £325,000 had been traded on the winner market alone. Other markets that are usually popular for football matches are;

  • Correct Score (over £31,000)
  • Winner and Both Teams to Score (almost £50,000)

If you have placed either a back or lay bet on any selection, the Smarkets mobile app shows you the amount you are due to win or lose if each selection wins. Of course, the odds and liquidity automatically updates in real time.

If you want to place a bet, simply click on the odds of the selection you want to bet on and you will be asked to enter your desired stake and price. Once done, you will be shown how much would be returned if the bet wins. Click Place Bet and you’ll be done.

Heading back to the home page, if you click on the green silhouette of a person to the top right of the screen, you will be shown the My Account section. Your current balance is listed, as well as your total exposure if you have any bets in-play.  There are then four different tabs. Firstly, the Bets tab is rather self explanatory. You are able to see all of your ongoing bets. The Account tab has more to it, showing your 30 day profit and loss amount as well as potential winnings from in-play bets. You can see an overview of all bets you have placed and can also manage payment details, deposit and withdraw funds. The Support tab lists a number of articles that explain more about Smarkets and how betting exchanges work. In the Settings tab, you can edit details such as language, odds format and colour scheme, choosing between light and dark.

Overall, it is very clear that a lot of hard work has gone into creating the app. It provides an excellent user experience and makes sure that you are able to get your exchange bets on no matter where you are.

New customer offer

If you are completely new to Smarkets, there is also the opportunity to benefit from their own new customer offer while you are using their site to complete other offers. It is easy to complete, as they offer £10 back as cash for the first £10 that you lose, providing you have deposited at least £20.

As long as you withdraw the refund within 3 months it is an extra £10 you can make from your matched betting exploits. There is a full offer guide for this promotion in the premium members section of MatchedBets.com, like there is for all bookmaker offers that can be turned into a profit.



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