A List of Sports betting Activities in the UK

A List of Sports betting Activities in the UK

Sports betting is an incredibly popular and lucrative pastime in the United Kingdom. The practise has been legal since 1961, allowing citizens to participate in broad daylight without any worries. In the UK, bettors can gamble through designated websites similar to Gclub, or they can physically go to bookmakers and betting shops. 

With lax rules, there are a plethora of opportunities in the sports betting world in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games on which Britons like to bet. 


  • Football/Soccer 
    • Gambling on football is particularly advanced in the UK. In addition to betting on which team will win or lose the game, gamblers can also try to guess the number of points the players will score. Football is the most popular sport in the world, making betting even more profitable. 

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  • Tennis
    • While this one may be hard to believe, tennis is actually the second most popular sport behind football that Britons like to bet on. The back and forth action makes for a fun game, and Brits love to see their favourite players elevate to Wimbledon. 


  • Horse Racing
    • Horse racing is one of the most popular events to bet on in the entire world. People can make copious amounts of money by correctly guessing the winner of a race. The payout would be even larger if the winning horse was not expected to be triumphant. 


  • Greyhound Racing
    • Betting on greyhound racing is fairly similar to betting on horse races, but just on a lesser scale. Not only are the animals themselves physically smaller, but the payout and spectacle of the game tends to be more reserved as well. 


  • Golf
    • While golf may not be the most exciting sport to watch in real-time, betting on it is quite popular. The UK is home to some of the oldest golf courses in the world, so it is no wonder that people still enjoy the sport in this part of the world. 

While the following sports are most prevalent in the United States, they are still largely followed in the UK. 


  • Hockey
    • Britons love betting on the National Hockey League. The fast-paced, intense games become even more exciting when money is on the line. 


  • Baseball
    • Even though baseball is known as America’s pastime, Britons love getting in on the fun as well. It is common for UK residents to bet on Major League Baseball.  


  • American Football
    • The National Football League has begun to garner more of an international fan base in recent years. The NFL’s popularity in the UK has risen dramatically in the past ten years. This increase is primarily due to the fact that the NFL has started playing a few games a year in Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 


  • Basketball
    • The only sport with its roots firmly planted in America, basketball’s popularity has spread throughout the entire world. 

As long as you are 18 years old, you can enjoy yourself by betting on any of the above sports and more in the United Kingdom. Most gamblers can choose to use a variety of currencies for payment from Bitcoin to the American dollar to the British pound. 


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