A Guide To Goalscorer Betting: All You Need To Know

Cristiano Ronaldo

The stars of the show in football are always the players who find the back of the net. We’ve seen some fine ones over the years – Ronaldo, Messi, even our own Harry Kane who’s lighting up the Premier League today.

It’s what makes the goalscorer market so exciting when it comes to betting. Backing a goalscorer has been popular for many years and is consistently one of the biggest bets to take for bookmakers.

Today, there are so many markets in goalscorer betting, with bookies finding new ways of offering it every season. But what is goalscorer betting? Here’s our ultimate guide…

What Is Goalscorer Betting?

Goalscorer betting is a relatively straightforward wager and simply involves backing the player you think will score in a match.

A popular wager among football fans,  there are now a range of markets when it comes to goalscorer betting ranging from betting on the first man to find the net to backing hat-tricks and home scorers.

Goalscorer Betting Markets

There are so many markets out there for backing a goalscorer, with the likes of bet365 having a huge choice when it comes to placing a bet.

There are of course many that are more popular than others and many that are more common across the major bookmakers.

First Goalscorer

Backing the first goalscorer is one of the most bet on markets in football and we’re regular offering predictions in our football tips.

Essentially what you are doing in this wager is betting on the player who you think will score first in a match.

Last Goalscorer

Similar to first goalscorer betting odds, the last goalscorer market is based on backing the player who you think will score last in the game.

This is a much harder bet to back as things like injuries, substitutions and just the general flow of the game are more likely to influence the market.

Anytime Scorer

The anytime goalscorer betting market is one you’ll find across every bookie from William Hill to Paddy Power and is a bet that is backing a player to score at any point in the game.

The odds are lower in this market as you aren’t backing a player to score at a certain time, i.e. score first, score last. It’s a safer market to play and still a hugely popular one.

2 Or More

A much riskier market is backing the 2 Or More market. This bet is one for the braver punters and is backing a player to grab a brace or more.

This means that if a player scores at least two goals your bet will come through.


Naturally, this market is betting on a player to score a hat-trick. The odds on this are usually large and most punters will save this bet for the real top players against weaker opposition.

A player can of course score more than three in a game too!

First and Last

This wager can offer great odds and involves backing a player to hit both the first and the last goal in a game.

It’s risk and reward with this one and well worth placing a free bet on if you can grab one as they don’t come through very often. Obviously, the 1-0 win is the best result you can hope for with this bet.

First or Last

Backing the first or last scorer will give you a higher chance of winning but lower odds. This is because you’re backing two markets and only one has to come through for you to win.

If your player scores first you will win and if the player scores last you will win. However, anything in between will see your bet lose.

To Win & Scorer

You’ll often be able to combine a goalscorer market with a match result bet, for example Tottenham to Win and Harry Kane to Score First.

This is a way of boosting your odds and you’ll generally be able to choose the match result and first goalscorer, last goalscorer and anytime goalscorer.

Home & Away Goalscorer

In many cases these markets will be able to be split by team too. So for example you might back the first goalscorer for the away team.

This will reduce the odds compared to first goalscorer for either team as you’re pretty much doubling the chance of your bet coming through as you’re removing a side from the wager.

What Other Sports Can I Place A Goalscorer Bet?

It isn’t just football you can back a goalscorer however. Many bookmakers may only offer this as a market but larger and more renowned companies such as William Hill and Ladbrokes will offer the market across a number of sports.

The goalscorer market is huge and you may also find it on the following:

  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • Ice Hockey

Which Bookmakers Offer Goalscorer Odds

All major bookmakers will offer goalscorer odds and at MatchedBets our oddsmatcher will highlight all the best odds among the UK’s best bookies.

You’ll find some fantastic goalscorer betting odds with bet365, who have a huge football market which ranges from Premier League and Champions League to League One and League Two markets.

Are There Any Goalscorer Odds Offers

Bookies are often offering enhanced odds on the goalscorer market with Ladbrokes and Paddy Power regulars with this.

Big games will often have the odds heightened for goalscorers while you may also get money back as a free bet should a player not score.

We’ll expect plenty of these throughout the World Cup so keep your eye on our match previews and offers where we’ll be bringing you all the very finest.

A good way to make the most of goalscorer betting is by making the most of welcome offers and free bets. Check out our free bets page to claim one and play the goalscorer market today.

When To Back Goalscorer Odds

Goalscorer odds are generally worth backing most weeks, although there are certain aspects of planning you can do to ensure you maximise your chances of winning.


  • Study The Form: Some teams have a habit of stealing late equalisers or winners, while others like to come out of the traps and bag early. This can dramatically affect the first and last goalscorer odds. Equally, if a team is in great form in front of goal, they’re perhaps more likely to score first.


  • Are The Players Scoring: Strikers notoriously have spells where they are genius in front of goal and times when they really couldn’t hit a barn door. Do take this into account, as you’re more likely to win on an in-form striker. Although the odds are also going to be shorter.
  • Study The Head To Head: Some players do better against certain teams than others. Some strikers struggle against top four sides, others are lethal in derbies.
  • Check injuries & lay offs: A player coming back from injury may take a few games to find their feet again. Additionally, they may not play a full 90 minutes so perhaps wouldn’t be worth a punt on last goalscorer.




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