8oz Gloves Announcement Sees McGregor’s Odds Tumble

8oz Gloves Announcement Sees McGregor’s Odds Tumble

Since Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor was officially announced, the general consensus has suggested that Mayweather will cruise to victory. After all, the fight is being contested under boxing rules, where he holds an unbeaten record of 49 wins and 0 losses. Competitors that have boxed their whole lives have stepped into the ring with Mayweather and none have been able to beat him.

Conor McGregor is known for his stellar Mixed Martial Arts background, and will be competing in his first ever professional boxing match. All of these factors would suggest that putting your money on Mayweather would be a smart move, but punters have been seeing a lot of value in backing the Irishman. So much so, that his odds have been slowly tumbling ever since the fight became official. Betfair and Smarkets bet exchange have both reported a huge amount of money being traded overall, which was to be expected, but a lot of it is going on McGregor to win.

This went into overdrive earlier this week, when the NAC announced that they had approved the two fighters to wear 8oz gloves for the contest rather than 10oz, a move which many boxing pundits believe firmly favours McGregor. This is due to McGregor being used to fighting in extremely light gloves, while Mayweather will be in smaller gloves than he is used to.

The Notorious one is still the overall outsider of course, but his odds have hit their lowest point yet, reaching 4.80 on the Betfair Exchange. As you would expect, Mayweather’s odds are currently the longest they have been so far, reaching 1.29.

The change in the weight of the gloves saw a flurry of activity, with £1.5m worth of bets being placed in the outcome on Betfair since Wednesday, with a large amount wagered on Smarkets bet exchange too.

Katie Baylis, spokeserson at Betfair, said

“Not only has a lot of money been staked since yesterday, but we’ve also seen over 2,000 individual bets placed with 40% of those on McGregor”

There is no doubt that this fight has captured the imagination, with almost £15m being wagered on the Betfair Exchange alone. Here at MatchedBets.com, we will be listing all of the best offers from the fight, allowing you to guarantee a profit from what many are calling the biggest fight of all time.



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