7 Things A First-Time Attendee Should Know In The Upcoming 2019 Kentucky Derby

7 Things A First-Time Attendee Should Know In The Upcoming 2019 Kentucky Derby

It’s not a surprise that the Kentucky Derby is dubbed as the “Run for Roses” horse racing event. It is graced with the world’s most elite horse runners throwing out big records in the whole horse racing history.  Aside from that, it is also aired in numerous types of digital platforms and largest TV and Radio stations.

That said, the annual Kentucky Derby race is one of the most awaited horse racing events in the country. It is attended by big types of wagers and at the same time bet mostly of richest horse racing bettors.

On the other hand, the Kentucky Derby is not only attended by celebrities, avid horse racing fans but also graced by people who get interested in horse racing for the first time. Hence, in this article, we’d like to showcase to you the things you should know as a first-time attendee of the upcoming race –  2019 Kentucky Derby.

Celebrate the Derby with Kentucky Oaks

The first thing you should keep in mind before you grace the 2019 Kentucky Derby is the race conducted a day before the main event. This race is called the Kentucky Oaks usually attended by mostly the same horse runners.

The Kentucky Oaks is made for Grade 1 racers which may be run by geldings, fillies, and colts. This is usually celebrated a day before the main event and the whole arena is filled with pink colours. It’s coloured with pink because it’s called “Run for Lillies” that comes with a wonderful event cause.

Plan Ahead for Massive Crowd

The Kentucky Derby is one of the grandest horse racing events in the country and is usually attended by a massive number of crowd. The Churchill Downs which is the venue of the event carries an estimated crowd of around 100, 000 spectators.

So, if you are a traveller you must plan ahead of making sure that you complete your needs of transportation and accommodation. In this way, you can reduce the hassle and increase your excellent experience as a first timer in the 2019 Kentucky Derby attendee.

Get Rid of Tailgating

One of the best things that every horse racing fans are looking forward is the ability to tailgate. If you are a first timer of this event, you have to avoid this option. There is high security within the venue and they do not allow alcoholic beverages, grills, cans, or even coolers beforehand as this can be bought inside.

Prepare for the Whole Kentucky Elements

Indeed, having good weather is undeniably unpredictable in all horse racing events. There might be forecast but some of these may not be accurate; thus, you have to be fully prepared with the things you need and not to bring during the event.

If you are a first timer to attend the event, do not bring coolers or jackets. You have to bear in mind that you have to be outside all day to see the event and in case you might need a little rest, Churchill Downs has a hospitality access lounge you can use to take a relaxing breath.

First Two-Minute Race Excitement

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In all horse racing events, the Kentucky Derby is dubbed to have to most exciting 2-minute show. This is due to the fact the first two minutes of the race showcases the 1 ¼ mile track of all the thoroughbreds entries.

Besides, this can also be your basis of placing your bets to generate a list of possible winners and finishers for the whole day racing event.

The Kentucky Derby Party

This racing event is not just plainly for running horses but also for big parties. Half of the main reason why there are a lot of horse racing fans would like to experience the event is because of the Hollywood stars who take part in the Kentucky Derby party.

You can mix and mingle with different types of people and most importantly famous Hollywood stars. There are also performances conducted by various artists which can make the whole event more exciting and fun.

The Whole Louisville Experience

As a first time attendee of the 2019 Kentucky Derby, it is best that you have the make out the best of your whole derby experience. Churchill Downs, Louisville is home of the world’s delicious foods and best scenic spots.

Thus, it is a must that you have to completely prepare and look forward to your whole Kentucky Derby trip.


The 2019 Kentucky upcoming race is surely the grandest horse racing event you should look forward if you are a first-time horse racing attendee. It is not a typical horse racing event you formerly know because this is attended by ordinary and popular people around the world.

So what are you waiting for? The 2019 Kentucky Derby is just around the corner and experiencing the event for the first time would not be a challenge by considering the guidelines laid out above. Lastly, make sure that you are fully prepared before attending the event so to make sure that you have a completely rewarding experience.

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