5 Things to Check Before Using Your Free Bet or Bonus

5 Things to Check Before Using Your Free Bet or Bonus

When your football betting predictions don’t work out, a free bet or bonus will save you from a loss or refund some of your bet.

Many sportsbooks offer different bonuses to new and current customers in different ways. Ultimately, these bonuses attract new bettors and encourage existing bettors to continue playing.

However, before claiming your free bet or bonus, always read the full terms and conditions. 

Remember that sportsbooks don’t give without expecting anything in return. These bonuses come with strict requirements that you must comply with to use it.

With that, check these conditions before using your free bet or bonus.

Until when can you claim your bonus?

Some bonuses can be used at any time, but others expire at a certain date.

Make sure to look if a bonus expires once you receive it. This gives you an idea when is the best time to use it.

Among other bonuses, reload bonuses usually apply a deadline and are time-sensitive. 

If you want to use your reload bonus, deposit the required funds before the deadline.

Is your city or country eligible?

Sometimes, specific bonuses are not available for certain countries. You may experience this when betting on international, local, or foreign sportsbooks.

Before claiming your bonus, make sure that your area is on the list of eligible cities or countries.

Unfortunately, it is unknown why some sportsbooks restrict some cities or countries. That is already at their discretion. All we can do is comply with their rule.

So, unless your city or country is eligible, don’t waste your time with it at all.

Is there a maximum bonus amount?

Some sportsbooks set a maximum limit to how much they give. No matter how much you deposit, you can’t get anything more than the maximum limit.

An example is when sportsbooks offer 100% up to $100. This deposit bonus matches the amount of your deposit but only up to $100.

For example, if you use this bonus and you deposit $50, you get $50. If you deposit $100, you get $100. However, if you deposit $150, you only get a $100 bonus because the maximum bonus is $100.

Be sure to read and understand these rules, so you won’t be surprised when you claim your bonus.

Does it include a bonus code?

Nothing is more frustrating than placing a qualifying deposit, being eligible for the bonus, and complying with rules—yet, you have still not received your bonus.

A common reason this happens is that most bettors don’t know or forget to input the bonus code.

The bonus code is usually entered in a specific field when making a qualifying deposit. However, each sportsbook has a different process of claiming bonuses and inputting bonus codes.

With this in mind, it’s incredibly important that you understand how you can claim a free bet or bonus successfully.

When you call customer service, some sportsbooks make an exception. However, most don’t do this, so always make sure that you claim it correctly the first time.

Is there a rollover condition?

A bonus rollover condition means you can’t immediately withdraw a certain bonus.

For example, to claim a 100% up to $50 bonus, you need to deposit $50 to get the $50 extra money. After depositing the required $50, you can’t receive the $50 extra yet because of the rollover condition.

To claim that bonus, you need to roll over either the bonus fund or both the bonus fund plus the deposit for a certain number of times.

In your account section, you can see how much more you need to roll over to withdraw that bonus.

Knowing these conditions beforehand prepares you on how you can successfully withdraw your bonus and earnings.

Always read the fine print.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as ‘free’ in betting. Most free bets and bonuses come with conditions that you need to fulfil before you can use them.

To save you from frustration, keep the following questions in mind when you receive a free bet or bonus. 

Although it’s long, reading the terms and conditions can save you from claiming a bonus unsuccessfully.

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