4 Ideas for Football-Themed Fun – Esports, Online Games & More

4 Ideas for Football-Themed Fun Esports, Online Games

Whether it’s the weekdays in between matches or the off-season through the summer, there are always times when we’re without the beautiful game. For people who, like many fans, have built their life around the sport, that can be hard to take.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to it altogether. There are plenty of ways you can occupy yourself with a similar thrill to football, without actually having a live game to watch in person or on TV.

Online games

Nothing can really replicate the tension and excitement of a good football game, but betting fans will tell you online gambling comes pretty close. Whether its liveroulette.com bingo games or classic casino ones like blackjack or poker, online betting has a wealth of opportunities for you to test your luck.

On top of this, with mobile betting, you can take part in one of the world’s favourite pastimes anywhere and anytime you like. There’s nothing quite like being on a hot streak on the slots or bluffing your way to victory in video poker and a lot of fun can be found in online betting.

Football movies

If you’re not a fan of reading and need a little more excitement than watching some old highlights, there’s nothing that beats a good football movie. From 20th century classics to new-age greats, the football subgenre in film has produced plenty of worthy watches.

Some noteworthy standouts that should be put on your watchlist are Escape to Victory, Bend it like Beckham and Green Street. They may not feature a full 90-minute match but the exciting narratives and appealing characters surrounding the culture make these essentials for fans of the game.

Virtual sports

If you’re fixing to fulfil your own fantasy of managing a team or playing the role of a rising star within the sport, then video games are your one-way ticket to fun outside of real life.

Popular games like FIFA can be played alone or with your friends, taking on others for championship titles as you improve your created player. Others, like the ever-popular Football Manager series, let you take control of the running of a team from any level. 

These titles are perfect ways to keep your mind occupied as well as focused on the beautiful game.

Train like a pro

When the football isn’t on, we’ve all seen how professional players can train at home. There is a perfect opportunity to mirror their workout routines and train like a pro yourself. Many clubs have published the training regimes that players will follow, with a focus on keeping fitness to a good level.

With this in mind, you can take the opportunity to maintain your health by following these regimes as best you can, keeping your body’s fitness levels high. Or, if you can’t find the motivation, simply take to the garden or local park and try out a few tricks. Anything that gives you your football fix when you need it!

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