4 Great Money Making Tools For Matched Betting


You might wonder why subscribing to Matched Bets is such a good investment and what makes this website different from others promoting a similar service.

For the uninitiated, this article explains all about matched betting and how you can make around £500 per month for as little as 20-30 minutes each day, or up to £20,000 per year if you can dedicate more time.

Here I’d like to explain more about the tools which make matched betting accessible to everyone aged over 18 and saves valuable time which equates to making more money every month.

Odds Matcher

Odds Matcher

This search tool finds the best matched betting opportunities by comparing odds on bookmaker websites with those on four betting exchanges. By aggregating odds and sorting them in order of the closest matches, you’ll instantly identify the best bets to minimise the cost of qualifying for a free bet and subsequently extracting the maximum cash from your free bet.

Filters allow you to refine your search by bookmaker and betting exchange which is ideal when getting started. Once you move on to reloads and money back offers, you can tailor searches to specific offers thanks to filters for individual sports and betting markets.

Odds are updated in real time, so there is no need to refresh the page if you linger a few seconds and advanced filter options will allow you to set criteria such as exchange liquidity and preferred start time for bets.

Matched Betting Calculator

The calculator is integrated with the Odds Matcher to work out the ideal lay stake to place on the betting exchange, all you need to do is enter your bet stake with the bookmaker. One of the unique features of Matched Bets’ calculator is the alert when there is a change to the odds. One click is all that’s needed to update your lay stake saving the need to type in new values and recalculate.

The calculator can be used standalone and comes with four modes and seven options making it the most advanced matched betting calculator currently available while remaining the easiest to use. One click options allow members to use advanced matched betting strategies without the need to compensate for things like free bet retention value or experiment with sliders to find a balanced outcome when there’s a free bet if you win.

Bet Tracker

Something that’s rarely mentioned when promoting matched betting services is the time it takes to keep track of your money. Once you get into your stride, you’ll have multiple offers on the go at the same time with winnings and free bets being credited to various exchange and bookmaker accounts.

Keeping track of your activity and knowing how much money you are making will require you to keep good records either with pen and paper or using spreadsheets. Bet Tracker is a quick and easy way to log your matched bets saving you valuable time and doing away with the need to fiddle around with spreadsheets. Track your bets from the Calculator by typing the first couple of letters of the offer and click Track Bet. You can even create your own custom offer names.

Matched Bets Dashboard

Dashboard open offers

The Dashboard is the starting point for beginners with quick links to the first three offers. It’s your own personal homepage, providing a snapshot of your profits and ongoing activity along with recommendations of which sign up offers to tackle next.

It is also where all partially completed offers are stored when using the Bet Tracker. Enter the bet result with one click and go direct to the next step of the offer once your free bet has been awarded. Bets are grouped together by offer so it’s easy to manage multiple offers at the same time.

The Dashboard will help you to remain organised whether you are just starting out or an experienced matched bettor looking to invest more time making money and less time on admin.



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