2018 FIFA World Cup Prop Bets To Get Punters Betting Right Now

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The 2018 World Cup starts in mid-June. It’s time for online bookie agents to prepare their sportsbooks for World Cup betting.

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One of the more important prop bets being offered right now in mid-May is on who will win the Golden Boot. The Golden Boot is handed out to the top goal scorer during the World Cup.

2018 FIFA World Cup Prop Bet – The Golden Boot

Odds listed are the lowest odds on each possible Golden Boot winner.

Messi +900
Neymar +1000
Ronaldo +1000
Greizmann +1300
Werner +1600
Kane +1600
Jesus +1400
Lukaku +1600
Mueller +1600
Cavani +1800
Suarez +2000


What Bettors See

So far, bettors are jumping on Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo. That makes sense because those 3 are popular throughout the world. Neymar could end up the favorite.

He plays for a real contender, Brazil. If Brazil is to have any shot of winning the World Cup, Neymar must perform.

Both Ronaldo and Messi play for second-tier World Cup contenders. Ronaldo plays for Portugal.

Messi plays for Argentina. You could argue that Argentina has as good of a shot at winning the World Cup as Brazil. That’s probably not a valid argument.

The French are supposed to have their best World Cup squad in at least 12 years. That’s why Greizmann offers +1300 odds.

Jesus is a 21-year-old Brazilian who scored 19 goals in 37 appearances for Manchester City this season. Bettors feel that if opponents mark Neymar, Jesus could get some decent runs into the penalty box.

That could lead to Jesus winning the Golden Boot.

Werner, Kane, Lukaku, Mueller, Cavani, and Suarez are all getting play because they’re name players.

Suarez, especially, should get more love the closer we get to June 14. He, like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar, is one of the most popular soccer players in the world.

What Online Bookies Should Do

The thing to keep in mind is that the favorites to win the Golden Boot all play for teams that are expected to at least make the Round of 16. That makes sense.

The more games played, the better the chances of Golden Boot contenders to score goals.

Pay per head agents must set max betting limits on all players offering odds to win the Golden Boot.

They could stagger their max betting limits so that bettors can wager more on those offering odds of 20 to 1 or less.

Either way, max betting limits must be set.

Online bookies need to make sure they have a premium sportsbook solution during the FIFA World Cup, and be ready for World Cup betting.

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