£100 a Month Extra Profit From These 3 Offers

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Casino & game offers make up a large portion of many matched bettors’ profits. There are plenty of them about, probably more than the number of available sports offers on a daily basis, and by participating in as many of these offers as possible will have a positive effect on your overall profits.

The majority of casino & games offers do carry some risk. However, the level of risk is generally very low and so by only claiming offers which have a positive expected value, you’re able to give your profits a big boost.

Many bookmakers and casinos run regular promotions which are ‘bread & butter’ offers for matched bettors who do casino offers. These offers can provide a regular stream of profit and allow you to build up a bank to complete more offers which may require a larger bank.

There are a number of regular casino offers available but below we’ve listed three which have a monthly EV of over £100!

Offer 1: William Hill – Game of the Week – Available Daily

William Hill’s ”Game Of The Week’ offer is available every day and players can receive a £5 bonus on a selected game when wagering £10. This offer has an EV of around £2.50 and can be completed on a daily basis throughout the month. This works out at an average monthly value of £75!

What is the offer?

Bet £10 on the ‘Game Of The Week’ and receive a £5 bonus to use on the same game.

How to play the offer

Simply stake £10 on the game of the week. You’ll find the eligible game on the promotions game of the William Hill website. It’s advisable to use minimum stakes & maximum lines on the slot for the least risk to your cash. Once you have wagered £10 on the slot, you will be credited with a £5 bonus. You must then wager the bonus 30 times on the same slot. Once wagering is complete, any winnings will be transferred to your cash balance up to a maximum of £100.

How much profit can you make?

The EV for this offer varies slightly depending on the eligible game each week but it is generally around £2.50. It is important to bear in mind that this is not a guaranteed profit offer as it is possible that you could lose money on it sometimes. However, the odds are in your favour and as the offer has a positive expected value, you will make a profit from it over time.


Offer 2: Betfair Arcade – Bet £20 & Get a £5 Bonus – Available Weekly

Betfair usually run this offer on weekends in their Arcade section. One thing that makes this offer high value and appealing is that the bonus only requires x1 wagering and so once you’ve wagered it once, you get to keep any winnings as cash.

What is the offer?

Bet £20 on the nominated game and receive a £5 bonus to use on the same game.

How to play the offer

Wager £20 on the nominated game as shown on the promotions page of the Betfair Arcade website using minimum stakes/maximum lines and you’ll be credited with a £5 bonus to use on the same game. Wager the £5 bonus once and any winnings will be added to your cash balance.

How much profit can you make?

As the wagering requirement on the bonus is only x1, the EV for this offer is generally around £3.50 depending on the RTP of the eligible game. Betfair usually only run this offer once per week but that still gives a monthly EV of £14. Be sure to check the Betfair Arcade promotions page throughout the week as you’ll often find additional promotions of a similar nature which usually have a positive expected value that can add to your profits.


Offer 3: Paddy Power – Bet £20 & Get a £5 Bonus – Available Weekly

Paddy Power and Betfair are owned by the same company and you’ll often find a lot of the same promotions on the two sites. Similar to the Betfair Arcade promotion above, Paddy Power often run a similar offer throughout the week which requires you to wager £20 on games to receive a £5 bonus. Eligible games differ each week and can be slots, roulette or blackjack for example.

What is the offer?

Bet £20 on the eligible games and receive a £5 bonus.

How to play the offer

Bet £20 on eligible games using minimum stakes and you’ll receive a £5 bonus. Wager the bonus once on eligible games and any winnings will be credited as cash.

How much profit can you make?

As this promotion is similar to the Betfair offer, the EV is also and you can expect to make around £3.50-£4 on average from this offer, or around £14 on average per month.


Total EV = £100+

Adding up the total EV from just these 3 offers equates to over £100 for the month. That’s a pretty good EV for just three offers that take just a few minutes per day to complete.


More profitable casino offers

This is just a small selection of offers which have a monthly EV of more than £100. There are numerous offers like this available on a daily basis and so it is not difficult to see the potential in low-risk casino offers. They can provide a welcome boost to your matched betting profits alongside sports offers, allowing you to participate in more offers at once and increase your overall profits.


By Matchedbets Experts


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