Casino Calculator

Just like with sports offers, it is important to determine the EV of an offer before claiming it to ensure that it has a positive value. This can be a slightly trickier task as unlike with sports offers, casino offers often have wagering requirements, max winnings and various other complicated requirements.

The Free Casino Calculator is an advanced matched betting tool that is simple to use but very powerful and can be used to determine the EV of various casino offers including bonuses, free spins and more.

Scroll below the calculator for instructions on how to use it and it’s features.


How To Use The Casino Calculator

The casino calculator tool takes into account a number of variables based on the type of casino offer you are doing.

  • Type of bonus – Choose either ‘Buy-In Bonus’, ‘Wager The Bonus’ or ‘Win Bonus’. There are further options depending on the bonus type you select. eg. ‘Cash Used First / Refund on Loss’ or ‘Blended Wagers’
  • Deposit Amount – The required deposit amount to claim the bonus
  • Bonus Type – Choose between ‘Bonus’ or ‘Free Spins’
  • Bonus (£) – The bonus amount you will receive
  • Wagering Type – Choose either ‘Bonus’, ‘Deposit’, ‘Bonus + Deposit’ or None.
  • Wagering Multiple – The wagering requirements of the bonus or deposit eg 25 (x25)
  • Select whether or not cash stakes count towards wagering
  • Select whether there is a winnings cap on the bonus
  • If you check the ‘Show Advanced Options’ box, it will display further variables
  • Stick Bonus – Yes or No
  • Winnings Cap – Yes or No. If yes, enter the max winnings
  • Game Variance – Either low, medium or high or by options for various games
  • RTP – The RTP of the game you are using to wager
  • Cash Bet Size – Your stake eg spin size
  • If you are using a different game for wagering the bonus compared to qualifying for the bonus, additional fields will be displayed when selected.